here are many benefits to a birthday in August. You're likely to have been the youngest in your school year for instance, which didn't just mean you always got to enjoy your birthday at home, it also paved the way for a lifetime of smugness as friends from school all got to the dreaded birthday every year, long before you did.

However, perhaps the best thing about an August birthday is having the peridot stone as your birthstone. As a beautiful olive-green gemstone that is said to bring prosperity and natural beauty, peridot ringsare a great gift for anyone born in August. Sourced in Arizona, China and other countries, it was referred to during Roman times as 'the evening emerald'. Read on for more great reasons why August is a wonderful month for women, even if you don't have an August birthday!

August: The Month For Women Worldwide

The month of August has a huge amount of awesome national and offbeat holidays for women held within it, from Girlfriend's Day on the 1st, to Women's Equality Day on the 26th, and a whole host of others in-between too! Here's a list of our favourites!

  • Girlfriend's Day – Held on the first day of August, this day is great for partner's the world over wanting to show their lovely other half how much they appreciate her. This year it lands on a Saturday too, and better yet, the day after is National Mustard Day, so why not make a weekend of it and share some mustard covered hot dogs!
  • Sister's Day – On the 3rd of August it's National Sister's Day, so whether you cosy up on the sofa together for a catch up and movie session, or get her a little gift, any day that celebrates sisterhood is good enough for us! A similar day, held less than two weeks later on the 15th of August is Best Friends Day.
  • On the 4th day of August, single working women the world over are celebrated. Even if you're not one of these women, we can all raise a glass (or two) in honour of them!
  • The second week of August might just beat the first, with National Underwear Day on the 5th And Happiness Happens Day on the 8th! If the only reasons for their existence are to give you an excuse to wear your fanciest underwear set and do anything that makes you happy, we're happy!
  • National Dog Day – We thought this day, held on the 26th, was worth a mention, not just because we love adorable dogs (maybe even more than our peridot rings), but also – and especially because – it's Women's Equality Day too!

Beautiful Peridot Rings From Amore Argento

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