If you've always admired the beautiful gemstone that is aquamarine, purchased a range of aquamarine stud earrings, studied its history and know where in the world it's mined, perhaps you'll also know about the giant Don Pedro Aquamarine gemstone too! No? Not to worry, we've written some more information about it, plus a brief history of it here! Read on to find out more about this spectacular faceted gemstone. 

The Don Pedro Aquamarine Lives Up To Its Reputation

In the late 1980s, three Brazilian miners came across an exceptionally large aquamarine crystal. It was a metre in length and was the largest ever aquamarine gemstone to have been discovered in the world. Unfortunately, the gem was difficult to handle and shattered into three pieces on removal. Luckily, the largest and finest of the three pieces was saved; it is this piece that became known as the Don Pedro Aquamarine. 

Measuring a huge seven inches (18cm) tall and four inches (10cm) wide at its base, it is 10, 363 carats and is the largest cut and polished aquamarine gem in the entire world to date. Despite this, it isn't quite as valuable per carat as the Hope Diamond for instance – at least in terms of monetary value – but it is nonetheless impressive. 

It was the talented German master cutter and gem artist, Bernd Munsteiner, who designed and skillfully hand cut and faceted the Don Pedro Aquamarine as visitors know it today. Completed in February, 1993, it was gem collectors Jane Mitchell and Jeffery Bland who purchased the stone several years later in 1999. 

The gem – and work of art - has travelled far and wide across the globe, but Mitchell and Bland donated it to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History so it could be enjoyed by everyone. It truly is a beautiful example of how nature and man can work together to form something all the more brilliant and beautiful, and you can see it on display yourself, just 30 feet from the eye-wateringly expensive Hope Diamond too. 

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