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Wendy 04 May 0 295
DIY and home décor projects have been one thing that has kept the nation sane throughout the lockdowns we have endured.  Many people have used this extra time at home to revamp their kitchen, re-organise their living room and upgrade their bathrooms and with house visitors banned for much of us, we're no doubt desperate to show off our handiwork. N..
Wendy 30 Mar 0 236
It's been a while since we've been able to get dressed up for a special occasion, and when we start socialising and going to events again we may struggle with styling our look, from clothes to shoes, accessories and jewellery.  Fashion trends have stayed very similar through the last year or so, and barring some pandemic-specific styling’s which wo..
Wendy 31 Dec 0 221
You may have made some New Year's resolutions for 2021, already, and with all our plans for 2020 having been thrown into disarray, we're sure that this year the list is going to be a long one. That’s not mentioning all of the resolutions we set for ourselves at the end of 2019, as well as other goals we set ourselves throughout the last 12 months. ..
Wendy 08 Dec 0 190
If there's one Christmas song that never gets old it's Fairytale of New York by The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl.  It's a timeless classic that even the most ardent of Grinches can't deny brings that festive spirit to proceedings – we can think of worse songs to have stuck in your head!  Here's our take on it, you'll be singing along while you wrap y..
Wendy 22 Oct 0 230
Many people assume that their jewellery is covered under their home and contents insurance, and while some policies may cover jewellery of a certain value, some will not, and require that proof of purchase or ownership is submitted before paying out, if they agree to pay out at all.  Depending on your insurance policy, you may only be covered for t..
Wendy 15 Oct 0 219
After months of frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers and wearing gloves our hands have taken a bit of a beating.  Anyone who treated themselves to a regular manicure has had to endure weeks of waiting to get a treatment but now that nail bars and salons can open (with some restrictions), thankfully a manicure is a possibility again.  A lot ..
Wendy 07 Oct 0 244
Buying jewellery for someone else can be a real minefield.  Get it wrong, and you could be in the doghouse, especially if you've bought something that really doesn't match her taste.  The jewellery we wear functions as an extension of our personalities, so by choosing something that's totally unsuitable you're sending the message that you don't kno..
Wendy 23 Sep 0 389
Welcome back to our look at how jewellery has inspired some well-known songs.  Pearls are referenced in a lot of songs, often as a symbol of purity or of hope in the darkness.  Sade's Pearls features a woman in Somalia trying to survive against all odds and provide for her child.  In this song pearls represent the fragments of hope that keep the wo..
Wendy 21 Sep 0 265
When we look back at jewellery through the ages we can see that although styles have changed, and new materials have become available, the standard items of jewellery haven't changed much.  All civilisations have worn necklaces and rings, and arm adornments of various types (the biggest shift in arm jewellery has been the location of the pieces – o..
Wendy 15 Sep 0 501
Jewellery has inspired many creative types, with books, films and poetry all dedicated to, or inspired by jewels.  There is also no shortage of music which references jewellery, with diamonds being the most popular jewel for songwriters to use for inspiration.  Perhaps the most well-known of all the diamond themed songs is Diamonds are a Girl's Bes..
Wendy 26 Aug 0 199
When you're making a will it can be hard to know what to leave to whom, especially when it comes to jewellery.  At first, you may think it's quite easy – people generally leave all their jewellery to a female relative, or have specific pieces in mind for certain people.  In many cases this works out fine to begin with, but disputes soon arise when ..
Wendy 18 Aug 0 465
Shakespeare is considered one of the finest English playwrights and his works have been translated into every language.  While some people may have bad memories of being forced to read his works at school, there is a definite beauty in his prose and poetry as he makes good use of the imagery associated with objects to evoke certain emotions and fee..
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