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Wendy 17 Jan 0 6
We've got a fantastic selection of unique heart shaped jewellery which is ideal for Valentine's Day, and we'll bring you our pick of the prettiest Valentine's Day jewellery soon.  Once you have your gift sorted you need to think of something exciting and romantic to do on the day, ideally something that will provide the perfect backdrop for giving ..
Wendy 15 Jan 0 2
As we get older our jewellery collections mature with us, perhaps with the addition of some heirloom pieces and gifts from loved ones.  When we were little, plastic beads, bright colours and butterfly pieces were stuffed into a jewellery box, probably the one with two layers and a twirling plastic ballerina, and worn with abandon – as much as we co..
Wendy 04 Jan 0 2
Jewellery has been around for as long as humans have had tools.  Early jewellery was made from wood, bone and shells, often pierced and threaded onto a necklace or perhaps even a headband.  Not much evidence exists of very early jewellery as it was made from organic compounds that don't often survive, but scientists have found three shell beads in ..
Wendy 30 Dec 0 10
Welcome back to our pick of the best, most radiant gems to lift your spirits and your look during the dark days of winter.  We've looked at the standout stars of the blue gemstones and now we turn our attention to the warming qualities of garnet, citrine and rubies. Citrine is a gorgeous stone with real warmth and when combined with sterling silver..
Wendy 26 Dec 0 8
We design our jewellery to be versatile and stylish, so although we don't jump on trend bandwagons we do look at what's fashionable, and develop pieces which nod to those trends while still being wearable for the modern woman.  The big jewellery trends for spring and summer 2020 are on the catwalks already, so we've selected our pieces we think are..
Wendy 23 Dec 0 9
Welcome back to our collection of Christmas and New Year proposal ideas to make asking the biggest question you'll ever ask as romantic and special as possible. If you're sure your partner would like a proposal in front of the family, hiding the ring in a Christmas cracker is a great way to ask and it's in keeping with the theme.  You can ‘doctor’ ..
Wendy 18 Dec 0 8
If you've made New Year's resolutions for 2020 we hope you're enjoying success with those, especially at this early stage.  Studies suggest that an astounding 75% of people have ditched their plans within the first 30 days, and only 20% of resolutions are successful in the long term.  With that in mind we've selected the best gemstones to help with..
Wendy 16 Dec 0 46
We're right in the depths of winter with short days and freezing nights, and while spring might be only a few months away we've have a lot more cold, dark days  to get through before we start to see the sun a bit more.  What better way to brighten up your life than with some stunning colourful jewellery from Amore Argento? The Pantone Color Institu..
Wendy 13 Dec 0 19
Proposing at Christmas is a popular idea and the four days most commonly used to propose on, aside from Valentine's Day (the most popular) are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.  It's no surprise that many proposals happen at this time of year, given the fact that many people have extended time off work and therefore, more time to spe..
Wendy 11 Dec 0 37
Christmas is one of our favourite times of year.  Everyone is happy because they've got a few days off work, they'll be spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food and making any excuse to indulge a little.  It's also a busy time for us as we get a lot of orders for Christmas presents, as well as people looking to buy something for themsel..
Wendy 09 Dec 0 29
If you're faced with the prospect of buying jewellery for someone who loves a bit of bling, but who already has a lot then why not gift something they'll appreciate more than another necklace or earrings?  People with a large jewellery collection will appreciate some stylish and secure storage for their collection and there are a lot of different j..
Wendy 05 Dec 0 41
Necklaces are one of the first types of adornment early humans made.  Two beads made from snail shells were found in Israel and were dated to over 100,000 years ago, and it is very likely that these were strung on a cord and worn as a necklace; at this time metal had not been discovered so it is unlikely that adorning the body involved any piercing..
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