Amethyst Earrings For A Mystical Wedding Theme

Love anything unique and slightly different from the norm, but nonetheless beautiful?

Whether you're a bride-to-be who wants to truly 'wow' her guests the moment they walk through the door, or a soon-to-be bridesmaid who's been given sharp orders to stick to purple jewellery to match the theme of the wedding, look no further than Amore Argento's stunning collection of amethyst earrings to bring a world of mystery and intrigue to your look.

The Powerful Mystical Properties Of Amethyst

There are a remarkable number of mystical properties that have been given to the amethyst stone, and indeed other gemstones, over the centuries. Known as the 'Gem of Fire' in ancient history, it has been given protective qualities against witchcraft and black magic, has been said to imbue a sense of peace on the mind, enhance spiritual awareness and even keep those with a wanderlust from harm as they travel the world.
Today, amethyst is believed to enhance one's creativity and inspire creative thought, bring inner peace and relieve the stresses of daily life. Often worn by artists, poets, and other creative people who see the world in a different light, it's the ideal gemstone for a mystical themed wedding, and can either be a pale, transparent purple or a deep, opaque violet. No matter what colour it is, read on find out how it can enhance your bridal look.

Create Some Magic With Amethyst Earrings

Our wonderfully mystic amethyst earrings are bound to capture the attention of onlookers and spark intrigue. No matter whether you're dressing for the after-party or want jewellery that will take you from morning to night, look no further than our sparkling, purple amethyst collection for wedding jewellery with a difference.
Mystical wedding ceremonies often take place outdoors, where the bride, groom and guests can truly enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether at midnight in a forest or on lush grounds with beautiful flower garden and antique stone walls, amethyst earrings will glisten with every step towards the alter. Make soft violet a part of your wedding colour scheme with gorgeous bouquets and purple wedding decor, and have a wonderful, magical wedding.

Beautifully Crafted Amethyst Earrings

We have a gorgeous collection of amethyst gemstone earrings here at Amore Argento, sure to compliment your features and inspire others to be more unique with their jewellery! Ideal as a birthday or anniversary gift, amethyst jewellery is both affordable and beautiful, so what are you waiting for? Order online today or get in touch with our dedicated team for further information on call 0345 450 3966.
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