How To Wear Aquamarine Earrings This Winter

Cool blue or sometimes a subtle blue-green in colour, the exquisite aquamarine gemstone is truly one for all to admire! In this post we divulge how best to wear this delicate gemstone during winter, so that you look as stunning as possible, no matter your whereabouts or how miserable the weather!

Blue Winter Jewellery: Your Style Guide

Whether it's a bracelet, ring, or pair of aquamarine earrings, this lovely, calming gemstone - set into elegant sterling silver - is such a versatile stone that it makes the perfect gift for all ages! Subtle enough to wear with formal attire to work or a casual top, yet also striking enough to illuminate a little black dress of an evening - with the below fashion tips, anyone can wear aquamarine jewellery beautifully!

  1. Bold blue – Since aquamarine is almost always light blue in colour (a quality that gives it a weightless, airy look), all clothes that are blue in hue will work magnificently well with it! It could be a simple pair of midnight blue jeans with a cosy, cowl neck jumper, or perhaps a classic, long-sleeve navy and tweed dress when out and about in the city - whatever your outfit is this winter, if it's blue, you're sure to woo!
  2. White – As aquamarine is almost crystal, clear blue in appearance, clothes in white are always a good choice to really set your accessories off! Just like falling snow compliments and a clear blue sky in a morning, your light blue earrings will help to make your white garments dazzle all the more!
  3. Sandy beaches – As an oceanic colour that has inspired legends across land and sea, this captivating gemstone pairs gorgeously well with deep and vibrant oranges reminiscent of a faraway, sandy island. If you love to stand out in a crowd, and aren't so keen on the cool, icy blue and white look, set off your jewellery in a warmer way with a sunset orange or coral garment and pair with aquamarine! It could be a simple bobble hat, pumps or a rustic orange skirt - the choice is yours!
  4. Striking black – As always, you can never go wrong by coordinating graceful aquamarine earrings with stunning black attire. Most coloured gemstone jewellery will offer a black dress a lovely focus point, so instead of appearing dark and gloomy on a harsh November night, you'll dazzle from afar instead!

Shop Aquamarine Earrings At Amore Argento

A pair of aquamarine earrings from our collection is sure to help you make a beautiful statement during the months of winter! Enhanced with cubic zirconia and set in smooth sterling silver, they make an ideal gift choice for Christmas or a winter birthday! If you would like to discover more about our unique jewellery designs, call our customer service team on 0345 450 3966 today, or why not check out other blog posts for more amazing fashion tips?!

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