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Wendy 18 May 0 16
This time in “get the look” we're looking at the wardrobe staple, the LBD (little black dress).  We all have one, or two, in our wardrobes and they are the go-to classic for a variety of events.  Dressed up or down the LBD is a versatile piece and whatever your shape or size there is an LBD out there for everyone.  Typically, the LBD is a mid-thigh..
Wendy 12 May 0 23
This time we're turning our attention to the jumpsuit.  Love it or hate it, the jumpsuit never goes out of the fashion cycle for very long, whether it's as a 70s style denim number, or it's short legged cousin the playsuit, it comes back time and time again.  It's not the most practical of outfits and is definitely reserved for nights out and event..
Wendy 04 May 0 89
We know that accessorising for different occasions and different looks can be tricky and it's very easy to over or under accessorise, then arrive at your event feeling out of place.  To help our customers match our jewellery to a particular event or outfit we've picked some of the most common looks and trawled our extensive collection for the best ..
Wendy 14 Apr 0 62
With two bank holidays in May it's the start of the summer social season with barbecues, weddings, garden parties and picnics all popular things to do on the long weekends.  The longer evenings are well underway and enjoyed by all, with all ages spending time outdoors making the most of the nice weather.  It's also a great time to bring out your mo..
Wendy 17 Mar 0 63
Our jewellery stays looking new for many years’ thanks to the rhodium coating, which resists tarnishing and protects the sterling silver from damage and environmental wear and tear.  That said, it is still important to look after your jewellery in order to get the best out of the protective coating and to keep it looking fabulous for decades. With ..
Wendy 09 Mar 0 140
Welcome back to the second part of our look at alternative birthstones for people who don't like the colour of their traditional birthstone.  There are alternatives for each month based on 15th century central European religion, stones for the guardian angel of each month, as well as stones for the day of the week.  Some of our designs feature more..
Wendy 27 Feb 0 86
Sometimes people don't like the colour of their birthstone, or they don't suit wearing that colour.  If you're one of those people, or you're getting a present for someone who has already expressed that they don't like the colour then you don't have to swear off buying birthstone jewellery as there are alternative stones for each month, for days of..
Wendy 25 Feb 0 65
We hear lots of commonly held myths about jewellery all the time, and these are often passed down through the generations much like a piece of heirloom jewellery.  Most of these myths don't hold up anymore; the accepted wisdom of the past has been changed by technology, so what was once true is no longer the case. One of the common misconceptions i..
Wendy 07 Feb 0 71
Giving romantic gifts to your partner is one of the Valentine's traditions, and while chocolates, flowers and jewellery are the main gifts it can be nice to make giving these classic presents into a bit of a surprise, or make the gift giving aspect a memory for a lifetime.  Here are some ideas that will make your Valentine's gift stand out that lit..
Wendy 31 Jan 0 105
We use a lot of different gemstones in our jewellery and we also use a variety of cuts to achieve the right look and proportions in each of our pieces.  This means that our gem store is a magpie's heaven; full of glittery, shiny materials all ready to be transformed into stunning pieces of jewellery.  You may have wondered how gemstones appear natu..
Wendy 17 Jan 0 101
We've got a fantastic selection of unique heart shaped jewellery which is ideal for Valentine's Day, and we'll bring you our pick of the prettiest Valentine's Day jewellery soon.  Once you have your gift sorted you need to think of something exciting and romantic to do on the day, ideally something that will provide the perfect backdrop for giving ..
Wendy 15 Jan 0 100
As we get older our jewellery collections mature with us, perhaps with the addition of some heirloom pieces and gifts from loved ones.  When we were little, plastic beads, bright colours and butterfly pieces were stuffed into a jewellery box, probably the one with two layers and a twirling plastic ballerina, and worn with abandon – as much as we co..
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