Orange Gelato BangleWelcome back to our mini-series on gemstones to symbolise each year of marriage. Let us take the work out of choosing the right present to give each year with our suggestions of which gemstone pieces we think make excellent anniversary presents.

The 8 year wedding anniversary is marked by tanzanite gifts, another blue stone. These Tantalize hoop earrings feature two blue tanzanite stones and three cubic zirconia, for a little extra sparkle. There is a matching ring, but we think these earrings are gorgeous enough to be worn on their own with a simple hairdo and muted tones to really let the stones sing for themselves. 

After 9 years of marriage, blissfully happy ones, the stone to go for is yet another blue one, lapis lazuli. This Star Catcher necklace is a beautiful, simple piece that lets the natural variations in the stone show through. The cabochon lapis nestles in a sinuous mount which showcases it nicely, without taking the attention away from the richness of colour that is found in lapis lazuli. We also have another cabochon lapis lazuli example, these Arabian Nights earrings. They are modest and elegant, and will entrance anyone who gets their eye caught by the rich tones of these stones.

A decade of wedded bliss deserves something really special to mark the occasion, and diamonds or sapphires are the stones to go for. The same stone as for the 5 year anniversary, sapphires are a sparkling blue stone that are easy to wear and flattering to all skin tones. If you opted for the Love Life earrings for your 5 year anniversary then the matching necklace would make a lovely present, harking back to halfway through your marriage, and celebrating the past 5 years as well. If you want to really push to boat out why not go for a full set? This Classico Sapphire set has three wearable pieces that can be worn together, separately, or matched up with other jewellery for a stunning effect any time of the day or night.

After the big one, it's nice to go back to basics and get something a little more understated for an 11 year celebration. The stone associated with 11 years of marriage is citrine, and these Orbit earrings bring that symbolism in a very modest, but loving way. These earrings would make the perfect gift to give at a mini break or spa weekend as an extra touch.

Opal is the stone for 12 years of wedlock, and our Shimmer collection has beautiful cabochon opals in earrings, necklace and a ring. If you haven't given a ring in a while we recommend the Shimmer ring, which draws on vintage styling to create an eye catching design with a polished, smooth stone at the centre. The matching earrings and necklace would make great gifts for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or even Christmas. Opal is also the stone for 14 years of marriage, so you can get the rest of the set for that anniversary instead.

Citrine reappears as the stone for 13 years of marriage, and if you opted for understatement with the last citrine piece it's the perfect time to push the boat out. This Orange Gelato bangle would look great with the Orbit earrings, and with eight dazzling citrine stones this bangle makes a real statement, especially when wearing both together at a summer getaway where those orange-yellow stones can catch the sun and sparkle like the stars.

The last part of our series covers the milestone anniversaries from 15 all the way to 80!