Everyone likes a bit of arm candy, from cuffs to delicate bracelets and chunky bangles there's something to suit every style, and the multiple bangle trend looks set to stay, especially as it's a look favoured by the Kardashian family and other trendsetters. Teens and young adults can really pull off this trend, as chunky bangles all stacked together is a fresh, modern look that can be hard to wear if you're over 30 (but don't let that stop you!). Here is our pick of the coolest bangles we have.

We've mentioned our Angelica bangle already in a post about that collection, but this chunky silver bangle is the ideal stand out piece in a stack of arm candy. The unique design is striking and it's a real eye catcher with the filigree style feathers and rows of cubic zirconia that catch the light as you move. This would be ideal paired with simpler, plain bangles, or with some of our other pieces for a dramatic effect.

Another really chunky bangle is our Fantasia, which we also have in a pared down version (wearing both together would be a very bold look, ideal for teens looking to make a good impression at college or university). Multiple bands of sterling silver host cubic zirconia of different sizes for a glittering effect, and it also looks like more than one piece on its own, making it ideal for the multi-bangle trend. The original version has five bands, two of which are encrusted in stones, and the mini version has two bands for a simpler look. Both of these bangles are on trend, but because our designers always aim for a timeless twist on any trend these will still be desirable decades down the line.

This Icicle bangle may look simple, but the channel set cubic zirconia still glint and glisten under the light for a youthful yet elegant look. This piece would be great for someone who already loves stacking on the bangles as it would fit with any collection, just lifting it into more sophisticated territory. Channel set gems are ideal for active, sporty teens as the gems are flush with the setting meaning no snagging on sportswear or getting tangled up in the changing room.

Fantasia Mini Silver Bangle

If you like the Icicle bangle you'll love this Titanic one. A central row of cubic zirconia is flanked on either side by rows of smaller cubic zirconia, in a design inspired by the grand staircase on the famous liner.  This is a really special piece dripping in bling that no one could resist, and if you give this as a gift we guarantee there won't be a disaster on your hands!

For a splash of colour why not choose our Swoosh bangle? A swirling band of sterling silver hosts a topaz and peridot stone in a simple yet elegant design. Again, this would be a great addition to a stack of simpler bangles, adding a touch of colour and class. If this goes down well then the matching ring would also make a great gift, and the earrings and necklace can be added to build the complete set.

From our Rhapsody collection this Rhapsody in Blue bangle is a showstopper if ever we saw one. Topaz and cubic zirconia nestle together for a river of blue among a sea of sparkling stones that can't be ignored. This would stand out well on its own, or paired with a couple of simpler bangles to complement it. We also have the Rhapsody in Pink bangle, which only has coloured stones including rhodalite garnet, amethyst and pink tourmaline. This is a feminine piece, but not too "girly", so it will suit teens looking for a more grown up look.

Finally, our Flora bracelet is a pretty chain with four filigree silver flowers with a topaz central stone. This is a delicate, whimsical piece that would be ideal for nature lovers, bohemian souls and creative types and would look great with a casual outfit or with an evening gown for a little splash of glamour.