If you're expecting a baby before Christmas, or you know someone who is, have you thought about a first Christmas present for the child? New-born babies won't have much use for a new iPad, or a shower gel gift set, but a birthstone bangle will make a lovely gift to grow in to, and perhaps even be the cornerstone of a jewellery collection that will grow as they do.

Bracelets and bangles are a traditional christening gift; the custom is rooted in Christianity and represents the gifts given to Jesus by the Magi, so silver items are usually given to the child by the godparents as a symbol of wishes of a wealthy future. This is why silver is given to children on their christening, but there's no reason a silver gift can't also be given for their first Christmas. A birthstone bangle is the perfect first Christmas gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Babies born in November will have citrine as their birthstone, while December babies will have blue topaz, both lovely vibrant colours to brighten up an otherwise dark time of year. We have a gorgeous citrine bangle with eight stones that is wearable with virtually any outfit and which makes a lovely statement when paired with our other citrine jewellery. The Orange Gelato bangle is one piece of a four-piece set (sold separately) which includes a ring, earrings and necklace, making it the ideal starter gift for a birthstone collection. Adding the extra pieces on milestone birthdays or other special occasions makes each piece sentimental in its own way, creating a stunning set that can be worn together or as separate pieces. 

For December born babies our Rhapsody in Blue bangle is the ideal cornerstone of a collection which includes earrings, necklace and ring. Blue topaz and cubic zirconia stones are set in an attractive silver mount in a trailing pattern that catches the eye and flatters any skin tone. As with the citrine collection for November babies the set can be gifted in pieces, building into the complete collection over time. There are also other, more understated pieces that can be incorporated into a collection to suit different tastes – that's the beauty of birthstone jewellery, the stone colour is what ties a set together so different designs can be chose depending on style and taste.

This versatility is important when choosing jewellery gifts for new-borns as nobody knows what style they will choose when they are older, so having the option to gift intricate as well as more understated pieces means you can build a collection with a piece for every event, every outfit and every style.

While you're choosing a gift for the new arrival why not check out your own birthstone jewellery and treat yourself as well? We have a wide array of styles and price points so there's something to suit every taste and every pocket.