Birthstone Earrings - the perfect Christmas present

It's never too early to start Christmas shopping, especially when you want to put a lot of thought into your gift choices. A quick poll in the office showed that everyone knows at least one person who is impossible to buy for, that person who has everything or the person who always buys something for [...]
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Our Beautiful Clip on earrings with Style

Clip on earrings with style Clip on earrings have always had a reputation for being a bit boring, and the choices available on the high street often leave a lot to be desired. Many clip on earrings are uncomfortable to wear, slip about while they're on, and sometimes even detach themselves without [...]
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Edgy Earrings for Teens and Young Adults

Teenagers and young adults often follow trends, picking the aspects they like to suit their emerging personality with a modern twist. It can be hard to find good quality jewellery that fits this brief, after all, if you give a gift of jewellery you want to recipient to wear it and treasure it, not wear [...]
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Sterling Silver Stunners for Your Ears Only

At Amore Argento we love gemstones for their birthstone associations and for their natural beauty. Our name, however, means "love silver" and this reflects our heritage as jewellers, so it's only natural that we have some sterling silver jewellery in our range for the purists out there. Our plain silver [...]
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The Pitfalls of Earrings and Chunky Knitted Scarves

It's time to wrap up warm when we go out and that means hats, gloves and scarves. There's one horrible pitfall of wearing a warm, chunky knit scarf and that's if it gets caught on your earring as you take it off. This can be painful, in extreme cases causing bleeding and ripping to the piercing, and [...]
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