It's never too early to start Christmas shopping, especially when you want to put a lot of thought into your gift choices. A quick poll in the office showed that everyone knows at least one person who is impossible to buy for, that person who has everything or the person who always buys something for themselves in the run up to Christmas, usually the very item you had already purchased. The answer to this dilemma is birthstone jewellery, as it's personal, thoughtful and always appreciated.

Jewellery is a lovely gift for the festive period, as that time of year is full of social events and parties which present the perfect opportunity to show off your new treasures. If your intended recipient doesn't have pierced ears we have a lovely range of clip on earrings which are much prettier than the usual options available, so take a look here and choose a stunning pair to gift this year. 

For pierced ears we have designs in every birthstone, and with our great prices you could even give two pairs in different designs for different occasions – who wouldn't want to open two little boxes on Christmas morning? We recommend choosing a simple stud pair for everyday wear and a dressier pair for occasions, or just those days when you fancy getting dressed up – our earrings are the finishing touch on a beautiful outfit and really flatter everyone.

There are also significant stones for each zodiac sign, so some people will have more than one stone associated with their time of birth. Aquarians (21 January – 18 February) can wear garnet, and Pisceans (19 February – 20 March) can wear amethyst. For some people this means having the same stone as it depends when in the month the birthday falls. Taureans (21 April – 21 May) can wear sapphire alongside cubic zirconia or emeralds while Cancerians (21 June – 22 July) have the option of emeralds as well as pearls or rubies. Sagittarians (22 November – 21 December) can wear topaz as well as citrine if they are November babies, and these two colours look great together. Finally, Capricorns (22 December – 21 January) can wear rubies alongside topaz or garnet. If your loved one falls into these categories why not treat them to both stones?

While a lot of our range is centred on birthstones, we know that some people aren't too fond of their assigned stone or the colour, so we also have a range of silver jewellery without colour which makes them ideal for those who prefer a more monochrome look. Our stunning silver drop earrings make quite a statement and look fantastic with a chic up-do (that's hair up, for anyone who's not familiar with the terminology!). The elegant and timeless designs look good on everyone and flatter all skin types and ages, so these will be the go-to earrings for many years. There are also drop style earrings with stones for a pretty accent.

For something a little different, why not try pearls? Pearls are a classic jewel with many thousands of years of history as coveted items and they make a great gift. Our freshwater pearl earrings come in stud, clip on and drop styles to suit every taste and they add a sophisticated touch to whatever they are worn with, even wellies and gardening clothes! Pearl is the birthstone for June, but anyone can wear pearls at any age and look great doing so. Our range includes simple studs for everyday wear with a touch of glamour as well as more intricate drop styles which move and catch the light, flattering the wearer's face and neck and drawing all the right kinds of attention.

Happy shopping!