Clip on earrings with style

Clip on earrings have always had a reputation for being a bit boring, and the choices available on the high street often leave a lot to be desired. Many clip on earrings are uncomfortable to wear, slip about while they're on, and sometimes even detach themselves without the wearer noticing – an embarrassment if you're at a swanky do wearing only one earring!

At Amore Argento we understand that some people can't have their ears pierced for a variety of reasons, including allergies to certain metals, a fear of needles or injections, and a low tolerance for pain. One of our employees even had her ears pierced despite a low pain tolerance and dislike of needles before she joined us, as there just wasn't the choice of clip-ons available. Having seen several pairs of earrings that appealed to her style, she took the plunge and endured the pain to get her ears pierced, and now having seen our beautiful clip-ons prefers to wear them over traditional studs!

These Dreamy Black Pearl clip on earrings are delicate and feminine with a comfortable cushioned clip, and being made from sterling silver they are ideal for people with allergies to some metals. They don't look like clip-ons, as the intricate swirling design is hard to pull off on a clip earring, but our designers have worked hard to keep the clip mechanism out of sight, so the attention remains on the stunning black freshwater pearl. The same style is available with a white pearl, or with amethyst stones for a choice of looks.

Amethyst Clip Earrings

These Dewdrop clip on earrings are ideal for bridal jewellery, but would work with any formal attire. The large freshwater pearl is surrounded by three swooping arcs of cubic zirconia which catch the light and make the pearl shine out. The back of our clip-on earrings are cushioned for comfort, so these can be worn all day without pinching. These stunning pearl earrings are sophisticated and mature, and add a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you want to make an impression at an event, a big meeting or just to wear something special to a lunch with friends, then these earrings are the perfect choice.

Hoop style earrings are hard to find in a clip on version, so we designed these Hollywood clip-ons to give the look of a hoop without the need for pierced ears. Bands of sterling silver are interlaced and highlighted with cubic zirconia to dazzle and shine for Hollywood glamour. These gorgeous earrings suit a range of looks and occasions, and with the comfy clip they can be worn all day, and are also great for going from a daytime to evening look. Worn with casual jeans and a shirt these will add an element of sophistication to a dressed down look, but would be equally stunning with an evening gown and heels.

Fans of gold jewellery need to look no further than our Trio clip on earrings. This beautiful pair of earrings incorporates gold and rose gold coated bands, with a silver band that is set with cubic zirconia which overlaps the other two. The trio of different tones in these earrings complement each other perfectly and really don't look like they are clipped on. This pair is great for sophisticated day wear, yet still work well with more formal attire. These earrings, with their different tones, can be worn with all colours and will suit every skin tone as well, making these a good bet for a gift.

Take a look at our full range of clip on earrings – we're sure you'll find at least one pair to fall in love with.