At Amore Argento we love gemstones for their birthstone associations and for their natural beauty. Our name, however, means "love silver" and this reflects our heritage as jewellers, so it's only natural that we have some sterling silver jewellery in our range for the purists out there. Our plain silver earrings are perfect for everyday wear and won't break the bank. 

Silver hoop earrings are a mainstay of many jewellery collections. Hoops work for special occasions, meals out, office wear and any occasion you can think of, so at least one of our pairs should be in your jewellery box. The Summer Breeze pair has a geometric modern look with a square profile to the silver hoops. These are simple but no less stunning for it, as the bold lines and angles in the hoops work really well with a muted palette where they can be the star of the show, and equally with bold, colour blocking outfits as the style complements this angular style.

The Summer Sun earrings are a more traditional plain silver hoop with a round profile, while the Summer Time pair is formed into spheres to create a multi-bobble look that works perfectly with evening wear for something a little bit different. Many hoop earrings on the market are made from a hollow tube of metal which is then formed into the circular shape required, but ours are solid silver. This makes them hang well without blowing about in a breeze or getting easily caught in your hair as well as being much hardier than other hoop earrings which may bend and snap easily.

Heartbeat Silver Drop Earrings

We have nine pairs of silver drop earrings with something to suit every style. For those who love geometric shapes and bold design our Lace or Astro earrings make a strong statement. The Hula Hoop drop earrings are also quite bold and angular and all three would look fantastic with a pixie cut or a sleep ponytail to really accentuate the strong shapes and flatter your hairstyle. Some of our drop earrings are a stud style where the main body of the earring hangs from the post, while others are on a French wire. We have eschewed the flimsy wires used on many earrings and have opted for a much sturdier wire, that will not bend or flex and won't end up caught on your clothing like some do. We want our jewellery to be wearable for a long time, so we invest in good materials and manufacturing processes which ensure the durability of our pieces.

If you prefer a sinuous, curving line to your jewellery then our Chimes, Waves and Flame earrings are your best bet. These use delicate silverwork to create flattering shapes that will look fantastic with an intricate up-do so you can show off the earrings. These long line earrings help flatter your neck and will set off your look perfectly, making them ideal for a summer wedding or a formal garden party, just be prepared to have to tell everyone where you got them, as you're sure to get a few fans.

We love our gemstones, but we know it's really important to have some plain silver pieces in your jewellery collection that will work with any colour and a variety of occasions where you need something that will look effortless yet stylish. These make ideal gifts for friends and family, especially those who don't like the colour of their actual birthstone and prefer to keep things simple yet stunning.