It's time to wrap up warm when we go out and that means hats, gloves and scarves. There's one horrible pitfall of wearing a warm, chunky knit scarf and that's if it gets caught on your earring as you take it off. This can be painful, in extreme cases causing bleeding and ripping to the piercing, and it's a real faff to try and untangle if you do get it caught as you can't see your earlobe without a mirror.

We could all stop wearing scarves for the winter but personally I'd rather not have a chilly neck. I also don't want to stop wearing my favourite earrings, although the more dangly pairs I must admit do get stowed away over winter because there's just no way to avoid getting some of them caught up in high necked jumpers and scarves. If I'm driving somewhere and don't need to wrap up in quite as many layers then they can be brought out, but for day to day wear I do opt for something less dangly, like simple studs or small hoops.

Our dangly earrings have a very sturdy French wire which won't get pulled out of shape if it gets snagged on your knitwear, making it much easier to untangle should it happen. This means your earrings won't get bent out of shape if you do wear a dangly pair with a chunky scarf – sometimes an occasion just calls for drop earrings. Some of our drop earrings have a stud mount, so you get the best of the dangle without any of the tangle. We particularly like the Flames earrings as an example of this style, and the earrings themselves evoke the roaring open fire in a stately home or country pub making them ideal for this time of year. They do have some movement, but the construction of these is quite solid so they're not going to easily get caught up in clothing or scarves.

Our Orbit studs are perfect for wearing with high necked tops and scarves as the rub over setting makes them incredibly smooth to the touch, while retaining the sparkle effect of the cut stone as it shines inside the sterling silver mount. This design is one of our birthstone staples, but we also have an iolite version because we just love the rich blueness of the stone. Not every birthstone is covered in this line, but our Purity range has them all. These are simple claw set studs, and while some claw set stud earrings are prone to catching ours are not because we use a much rounder style of mount, which doesn't have any sharp edges or pieces prone to catching. We can't promise that these won't snag on a really chunky knit where the whole stud may fit through the weave of the fabric, but they're certainly more substantial than the claw set studs you'll find from some other jewellers.

The Caribbean Delight larimar earrings and Arabian Nights lapis lazuli earrings are also both perfect for wearing with knitwear and scarves due to their cabochon cut stones and smooth mounts which don't catch on anything. Both studs, these earrings feature stones which are less commonly used in jewellery, making them a bit of a talking point and unique pieces which not everyone will have. These studs are perfect for casual Sundays when you want to look smart, but in an effortless way.

Normally when we're looking for earrings that won't get tangled in a scarf our options are limited by the intricacy of the design, but these Utopia earrings really are perfect for that purpose. Three swirls of sterling silver, one with channel set cubic zirconia, make up this pretty design which really catches the light and would be perfect for an evening out where you'll be indoors and outside and therefore taking your scarf on and off a lot.

Finally these Bubblelicious earrings, which are available in two sizes, provide a little colour and sparkle with the combination of amethyst and cubic zirconia set in a sterling silver circular mount. Worn with the matching necklace these earrings really pull a look together, while also being very practical with fine knitwear – with a black fine knit jumper this ensemble will make you look sophisticated and fun.

We hope you found something you liked in our scarf-friendly pick, but do check out our other pieces for earrings that ooze style as well as sensibility. A last word of warning for wearing earrings with a chunky knit scarf – take it off slowly, and lift it away from your ears as you go, rather than pulling at one end – I can tell you from personal experience that's a great way to get tangled up!