Edgy Earrings for Teens and Young Adults

Teenagers and young adults often follow trends, picking the aspects they like to suit their emerging personality with a modern twist. It can be hard to find good quality jewellery that fits this brief, after all, if you give a gift of jewellery you want to recipient to wear it and treasure it, not wear it once then be consigned to the depths of a jewellery box. Something wearable, that will suit several occasions and will go with different styles of outfit is the ultimate goal. Sounds like a challenge, right? Well we're here to help with our top picks of modern, edgy earrings for teens and young adults.

Multiple piercings in the ear is a trend that comes and goes and one which appeals to teens and this trend is often combined with a fashion for wearing mismatched earrings. Our Love and Kisses earrings are ideal as they are a heart and a kiss shape which complement each other. The Blush Mix of the same style features rose gold plating on the heart shape. These earrings might be designed as a lovers gift, but for a teen with a loving personality these are great. They can both be worn in the same ear or one in each, but the choice is theirs.

These Clementine earrings make a statement, with a large citrine stone set in a mount which is half rose gold plated and half sterling silver set with cubic zirconia. These would make a great gift for people born in November as citrine is the traditional birthstone for that month, although anyone with a penchant for orange and yellow tones will love these. They're bold and eye catching, both traits that young adults want to achieve.

In our piece on edgy rings for young adults we featured the Wembley Arch ring; the matching earrings are also modern and youthful. Hammer effect silver forms the main body of the earrings with a sterling silver arch set with cubic zirconia. These can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion and will be a feature of a growing jewellery collection, perhaps even a favourite piece. These are artistic, modern and versatile and reflect these traits in the wearer – ideal for job interviews and celebrating after getting that dream job.

Meridian Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Our hoop style Meridian earrings follow the style of multiple bands, with two strands that join at the back, both set with six cubic zirconia. These are quite grown up, but also fresh and vibrant so they're the ideal transition piece from costume and high street store jewellery to high quality, timeless pieces that will continue to suit the wearer for decades. These Tantalize earrings are very similar, but with gorgeous blue tanzanite stones for a dash of colour.

For those with bohemian style these Wild Spirit topaz earrings are a beautiful gift. Dazzling blue topaz sits in a swirling mount, topped off by a cubic zirconia stone to help reflect light onto the centrepiece. They're a dangly style that would look great with boho hairstyles to lend a sophisticated and entrancing accent to a whole look and will fit with a developing aesthetic for many years to come.

Another drop style earring, this Hula Hoop set uses geometric shapes made from sterling silver to create a striking shape that is ideal for people who don't usually go for anything with a stone in. They're pretty and modern at the same time and simple enough to work with multiple piercings in the ear, or stand on their own as an understated accent to a chic outfit.

In the future we'll also look at necklaces and bracelets which will be loved by youngsters.

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