Jewellery trends come and go, so while we love making wearable jewellery for the modern woman we don't slavishly follow every fashion, as this can make the resulting jewellery date very quickly. We favour creating timeless pieces that will become staples of your collection which you will be able to wear for many years. That said, our jewellery often ties in with trends, so we've taken our pick of the range for the main trends of 2019.

The trends we're seeing in 2019 are chunky, bold pieces like heavy chains and hoop earrings, stars and other celestial shapes and bold floral designs. We like these Summer Breeze hoop earrings – chunky and with a square profile these are really in right now and they're something a little different than what you might expect to find on the high street. Made from solid silver with durable French wire fixings these earrings look fabulous at any age and with any outfit and at a reasonable price there's no excuse not to add these to your collection.

Many of the chunky chains we have seen on the catwalk aren't wearable for the average person, they are the extreme end of the trend which might be great if you're a fashionista, but they're not ideal for the school run or the office. Our Deep Joy bracelet references the chunky chain trend without being over the top, so it's a modern but versatile piece you'll find any excuse to wear. A modern take on the tennis bracelet the Deep Joy features claw-set cubic zirconia joined by bold elongated links which bring this style right up to date. The Line of Love bracelet follows a similar theme but with more sparkle, so if you like to dazzle and shine this is a modern, stylish bracelet which nods towards the chunky trend while remaining wearable.

Silver Twister Necklace

The celestial trend is another which can be hard to wear and which will date very quickly, so rather than jump on the bandwagon and create star and planet shaped pieces we think our Twister necklace is rather a good choice for this trend. A sterling silver circle is surrounded by a twisting silver band adorned with three cubic zirconia. The twisting band evokes the orbit of the planets, while the stones sparkle as stars in the galaxy. This is a subtle nod to the celestial trend but as we want to make jewellery you can wear again and again we think this encapsulates the aesthetic without going overboard.

Floral pieces are much easier to wear as they never really go out of style, and when you're wearing a bold floral print there's no better accessory than a pretty flower-inspired piece of jewellery. Our Daisy collection is the perfect timeless floral set which looks great at any age. There are peridot or topaz pieces so whether you prefer blues or greens there's a set for you. You can even mix and match the pieces for added flair, wearing the green earrings with the blue necklace or ring. The Daisy collection is perfect for gifting as it has three pieces in each colour, so if you want to build the collection of six pieces this can be done in stages. The floral trend is here to stay – it's never really out of style for longer than a year or so and these pieces are very wearable, making them ideal for summer whatever the weather. 

Here at Amore Argento we strive to make beautiful, stylish jewellery for the modern woman which touches on trends while retaining independence, the balance which we all want to achieve in every aspect of our lives.