Angels are symbolic in so many cultures, and often represent ideas of divine communication, purity, protection and faith. Guardian angels who look over us, intervening in ways we can't detect to keep us safe, are often a pillar of hope in times of stress and uncertainty; we often wish we have someone watching over us during difficult times. Cherubim, the babies of the angel world, represent purity, love and innocence, and Seraphim are the keepers of light and faith, providing guidance and spiritual renewal. Archangels are the highest order, and are usually what we think of as guardian angels, representing power, strength and perseverance.

With so many associations angels are a true symbol of a higher power and of pure love. This makes angel themed jewellery a lovely gift from an older generation to a younger one, representing the watchful support of a parent for a child. Angels are often represented by halos or feathers, and the idea of finding a white feather when a loved one has passed away, or recently after, is a source of great comfort to many, as it is believed that this represents them joining the angels in heaven.

When a child embarks on a new path, such as a new school, leaving home for the first time or starting a new job a gift of angel themed jewellery is a thoughtful gift to show you are still there watching over them. It can also make a lovely gift to symbolise a lost loved one, perhaps something to leave as a legacy for future generations – after all angels are often messengers bringing hope and faith. Sometimes we want to give something to show our gratitude for someone's support during hard times, someone you might think of as your guardian angel.

We have a lovely set of angel feather jewellery to fulfil that brief, starting with our Angelica bangle. Two feathers nestle against each other at the top of the bangle, with sterling silver hosting a row of cubic zirconia which sweeps up along the line of the feather. Having a visible piece, and one which is so close to the hand, means the wearer will see it all the time as a constant reminder of support, wisdom and love. 

Angelica Bangle

The matching Angelica ring is also a good reminder as every time it is worn it will carry with it the message of the person who gave it. The design of the ring is similar to the bangle, just smaller, but has the same rows of cubic zirconia for sparkle. This is a piece that will be cherished, and it is also an eye-catching design that will get people talking. Telling stories about your loved one is a great way of keeping their spirit alive, if this is a memorial piece, and if it's a gift from a parent to a child then it will keep reminding them that you're still watching over them and protecting them, even if they are all grown up.

Our Angelica stud earrings are a gorgeous pair of cubic zirconia adorned sterling silver feathers which will elegantly swoop past the earlobe when worn. This delicate pair is ideal for everyday wear and for special occasions, they will go with anything and look fabulous wherever they're worn. Completing the collection is the necklace, which features a single feather on an adjustable chain, that can be worn every day for a constant reminder of love and protection. Worn at the full 18 inches this can be slipped under a top or shirt for a personal reminder of the person who gave it, or worn at a shorter length to be more visible. It's a lovely piece that will suit anyone and is so wearable it might never get taken off!

All our jewellery comes in a heart shaped box with matching polishing cloth making it an excellent gift for a sentimental reason.