Welcome back to final part of our series on anniversary gemstone jewellery. We left off last time in the mid-teens, so let's pick back up with 15. The associated stone is ruby, and what better gift to give for a ruby wedding anniversary than the Love Life ruby set? This is a lovely gift to complement the same set with sapphires, which you may have chosen for your 5 and 10 year anniversaries. The ruby set has rich red rubies set side by side with cubic zirconia which really direct the light onto the indulgent rubies. 

A 20 year wedding anniversary calls for emeralds, which haven't yet appeared on the list. These beautiful Circle of Life emerald earrings have a matching necklace which could be given at the same time. Giving the full set to celebrate 20 years of marriage is a nice touch and the set works really well as part of an evening look – better get a table booked at a nice restaurant for a chance to show these beauties off.

After 25 years of marriage it's the first jubilee, the silver jubilee. This silver Key To My Heart necklace encrusted in micro set cubic zirconia is the ideal piece to give, as the keyhole cut out in the centre symbolises holding the key to your love's heart, and what could be more romantic than that? A lovely gift to give over a candlelit dinner in Paris, this necklace is more than just a token of your love; it's the embodiment of devotion and really makes your love message heard.

Key to my Heart Silver Necklace

The next jubilee comes after 30 years of marriage and this time its pearls again. Your pearl jubilee is definitely a cause for celebration, perhaps with all your friends and family too. The last time pearls appeared as a symbolic stone was three years into the marriage, so it's time to pick something really special for the three decade mark. Our Bonbon necklace is just the ticket - big freshwater pearl sits atop a spiral of silver micro set with cubic zirconia to bring out the lustre of the pearl. This is lovely pretty necklace that would look equally good with an evening gown or everyday casuals.

Then 35 years of marriage sees emerald return as the stone of choice, while rubies reappear at the 40 year mark. Sapphires come back for 45 years, and from then on you are back in jubilee territory, where the same stones are significant, but even more so. A 50 year wedding anniversary is a golden jubilee, 60 marks a diamond jubilee, which is also the stone for 75 years, 70 sees the sapphire jubilee and 80 is a ruby jubilee, although rare it is achievable by some.

We have a range of jewellery to meet these milestones, and whether you choose to buy a full set for each occasion, or build up the set over the course of your marriage is entirely up to you – we have options for every pocket and every taste. All our jewellery comes in our heart shaped box with heart shaped polishing cloth, a lovely touch for sentimental gifts. Oh, and happy anniversary!