The recent unseasonable weather has made a lot of us think about the beach and summer holidays. While that may be a while away yet, and we may have to endure some less pleasant weather in the interim, we can't stop thinking about what pieces we'd love to take on an exotic beach holiday, or a long weekend in Bournemouth if the Bahamas are out of the question.

If you are going to the Bahamas (or just want to pretend you're there) then our Caribbean Delight earrings are the ideal accessory. These feature a cabochon larimar stone, a rare gem found in the Dominican Republic. The cool blue tones in this stone look amazing with a tan and would look great on a seaside trip, perhaps a meal at a local seafood restaurant or even just fish and chips on the pier. On a similar tropical theme the Blue Lagoon collection fits the bill for exotic, tropical-inspired jewels. The large emerald cut topaz stones dazzle in the sunlight and the large stone on the ring and necklace (12x10mm) will certainly add some sparkle if you're more Exmouth than Great Exuma. Celebrity holiday snaps always show people draped over poolside chairs, wearing heels, a floaty kaftan over a designer bikini and dripping with jewels, so if you want a slice of that lifestyle the Blue Lagoon set is the perfect accompaniment. As the stones are large and chunky they will really stand out as part of a poolside or beach outfit, adding that essential glamour to your swimwear.

Another popular holiday destination is Hawaii, famed for its grass skirts, Hula music and surfing (as well as being the birthplace of Jason Momoa) and we have this delicate Hawaiian Bracelet which draws on the beautiful rich colours of the sea and the pretty look of shell jewellery – the round and oval shaped topaz and amethyst stones mimic the look of traditional necklaces made from different shapes and sizes of shells, just in a more grown-up way. This piece would look great on your arm as you sip a cocktail on a tropical beach, but if you can't spring for Hawaii this year it's equally as gorgeous on the beach at Hastings as well. This Blue Reef bracelet is similar in design, featuring blue topaz in a delicate design which will hang beautifully from your wrist, accenting your tan at the same time. The ocean theme makes it ideal for a beach holiday but you could wear this to a garden party, barbecue or summer wedding as well.

Blue Reef Bracelet

The deep, rich blues of the ocean are one of the most appealing things about a beach holiday – it's calming, inspiring and also still beautiful even when it's stormy, and the richness is what we love most about the stones in this Deep Blue Sea ring. Three round cut, rich topaz stones nestle between two rows of cubic zirconia, representing the depths of the ocean under the white crest of the waves. This is a stunning piece for a holiday dinner and will go with virtually any outfit, whether you're at a relaxed Caribbean bar for snacks or a swanky Michelin starred restaurant for a special treat.

The movements of the ocean inspired our last seaside themed piece, these Waves earrings. They are simple and understated with no stones, but the beautiful filigree styling of the curves of these earrings and the shapes of the rolling waves are what really make these excellent holiday jewellery. These would also be a great gift for surfers, paddle-boarders and other water-sports enthusiasts and because they're unfussy in design they will appeal to the tomboy type as well as more "girly" girls.

There's still plenty of time to book your summer holiday, whether you're headed for tropical climes or staying closer to home, so when you're choosing your swimwear and holiday outfits don't forget to accessorise with some seaside inspired jewellery from us.

We are all aware of the importance of getting the accessorising right when selecting an outfit – this also applies when you are packing your holiday outfits.