Hearts are a big jewellery trend for 2019 with some of the biggest names in the jewellery industry getting in on the act. Boodles, Chopard and Loquet are among the design brands getting in on the heart shaped trend with rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets galore. The rings especially combine the heart trend with the oversized and multi-coloured cocktail rings we have seen trending elsewhere. 

Our amethyst heart earrings make a beautiful statement, catching the light with the heart shaped cut and simple modern mount. Ideal as a gift for Pisceans and February babies these can be worn by anyone with a penchant for purple and they will look fabulous with blues, pinks and reds. They are simple enough to be worn during the daytime, but also pretty and eye catching enough to transition into night time and a more elegant look.

Heart outline pendants and earrings are right on trend at the moment, and our Light Up My Heart necklace fits the bill perfectly. At just over 2cm tall it is big enough to make an impact with an elegant outfit without being too distracting, and the cubic zirconia set at intervals around the perimeter add a touch of sparkle to catch the eye. For a splash of colour we have the Love Life design with rubies or sapphires. The ruby Love Life necklace has ten rubies interspersed with cubic zirconia to create a dazzling heart shape, while the matching earrings have seven smaller rubies interspersed with little zirconia stones to flatter the effect of the necklace. This makes a lovely set when worn together, but each piece is equally wearable as a single item. For fans of deep blues the sapphire Love Life necklace and earrings are just as exquisite, but with rich dark blue sapphires instead of rubies.

Continuing with the outline theme our Love Me necklace has several small heart outlines, accented with cubic zirconia, nestled inside a larger heart framing mount. This is a delicate piece that really expresses a deep and multi-layered love and would make an excellent Valentine's gift, or just a token of your affection to say those three special words to a loved one.

A great gift for any lover our Heart to Heart ring puts a solid hammered effect heart inside another swirling silver one to symbolise the love between two people. It looks great with any outfit and flatters the wearer without being too showy – a great present for an understated yet totally solid relationship.

Solid hearts are also in vogue at the moment, and our Key To My Heart necklace is a perfect example of the style. Sterling silver, adorned with micro-set cubic zirconia, this solid heart shaped pendant has a keyhole in the centre, symbolising the unlocking of your heart for someone, or perhaps symbolising their love locked within you. This gorgeous piece could mean different things to different people so it's a sure winner for any romantic partner, especially when you want to send a serious and heartfelt message.

Finally, our heart shaped cubic zirconia Love and Kisses necklace features a single heart shaped stone set in a complementary heart shaped mount, flanked on either side by sterling silver kisses, each accented with a row of more dazzling cubic zirconia. We have a piece which is our "nice" version with a shiny silver mount, but for a more adult take we have the "naughty" version with a matte black mount instead of shiny silver.

Our heart shaped polishing cloths, which come with every item, serve to nicely round off the heart theme, so whether this is a Christmas gift, an engagement present or simply something to show you care get on board with the heart shaped trend with us.