The weather and nature is a huge source of inspiration for us as jewellery designers. The colours that can be found in the natural world can't be beaten, which is why we love using naturally coloured gemstones in our pieces. Flowers have been inspiring jewellers and artists for millennia, and weather is no different – the colours that an overcast sky brings out have been enthusing artists for centuries as they try to recreate the drama of a cloudy or stormy sky on canvas. Rainbows, with the full spectrum of colours, are one of the most colourful natural phenomena there is, perhaps only beaten by the Northern Lights, so it's not surprising that rainbows inspired a whole collection for us.

Our Rainbow Cocktail set (earrings, necklace and ring) and the similarly inspired Follow the Rainbow ring (with slightly more muted colours) are real showstoppers, and when worn as a set they will attract a lot of attention. Paired with a classic black evening gown these pieces will dazzle and catch the light even in dimly lit venues, so they're an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make an impact.

The pieces feature several stones of different cuts and sizes for a veritable bouquet of colour. The ring, for example, has two amethysts, a round and a marquise cut, two marquise cut topaz and a larger oval cut one, two citrine, two peridot stones and two rhodalite garnets clustered together to represent all the colours of the rainbow. Amethyst represents violet, topaz represents blue and indigo, citrine covers yellow and orange, garnet represent red and peridot is for green, so each colour is featured in the pieces. The Follow the Rainbow ring has the same stones but with more muted tones – one of the great things about gemstones is the natural variation in colours that are found in different deposits, so we love the fact we can appeal to different tastes within the same collection by taking advantage of this.

Silver Rainbow Ring

The matching earrings and necklace have fewer stones, simply because such a large cluster can be difficult to wear as an earring or necklace, but each colour of the rainbow is represented. The earrings would be a great accessory for a teenager or young adult as the chunky stones and riot of colour appeals to this demographic, and they're definitely attention grabbers – they'd look great on a selfie for an Instagram post. That doesn't mean that more mature women can't wear these, after all not many teens go to cocktail parties and that's where these jewels really come into their own. Wearing the full set at a swish evening do is a great look, but they can be worn individually for more casual events. The necklace would work really well at a lunch date with friends, and the earrings add a touch of sparkle to a summery outfit for a garden gathering – you can wear these pieces to any event and look stunning.