Choosing jewellery for yourself may be easy, after all you know your style, what you have already, what you normally wear and you know the occasions on which you might wear a certain piece. Finding something that perfectly fits the bill might be a little trickier, but if you have a sense of what you usually go for you'll know the right piece when you see it.

Choosing jewellery for someone else is much harder. You might know their favourite colours, and have a sense of their style, but jewellery can be a very personal thing and sometimes people will surprise you with their choices. However, if you have a sense of the person's style and what they usually wear it's a safe bet to go with something that fits in with their general aesthetic. Colours should be kept to ones you know are safe – if someone doesn't wear a lot of bold colour, then a piece of jewellery with lots of colour and pattern probably isn't going to suit their tastes. If they wear a lot of black and muted colours it's safer to go for something understated yet classic which can be worn with almost anything.

For understated, goes-with-anything glamour we recommend pearls such as this Full Moon necklace featuring a single freshwater drop shaped pearl, or the elegant Romance necklace, which showcases the pearl in a simple silver mount, for a little extra detail. If pearls aren't their thing then these simple cubic zirconia Orbit earrings are a lovely addition to any outfit and will work with any look, even running gear!

Romance Necklace

Necklaces, bracelets and bangles are all generally one size fits all. Some bangles (these are rigid, unlike bracelets which have some flexibility) may not fit people with very broad hands or wrists, so a little caution should be exercised when choosing a piece – you don't want to inadvertently cause offence by getting anything that's too small, and this applies to all items of clothing and jewellery! Luckily, for these items when we talk about "fit" we mean whether it fits their style, personality and what they like to wear, we're not talking about an actual physical fit.

Rings are another matter entirely. While most rings can be re-sized at any jewellers, if it's a special present it might take the shine off if the recipient can't wear it straight away. Amore Argento offer the three most usual sizes for most of our ring collection (sizes K1/2, N, Q), but we can accommodate custom sizing if this is discussed with us prior to ordering – just call us on 0345 450 3966 to chat. When it comes to finding out the right ring size, the best thing to do is ask the intended recipient. They may already know their ring size, or they'll have one you can measure. If you need to find out in secret, then you have a few options; you can use one of their existing rings and check the measurement against a ring sizing chart or if you don't have a ring sizing chart you can measure the inside circumference, alternatively you can press the ring into play putty or something similar to get a model of the thickness of the finger, then measure that.

Remember, when choosing jewellery as a gift, look for something that will physically fit them, especially if buying a ring, make sure it fits with their personal style and will match in with some of their other pieces, and that it fits in with the outfits they usually wear. We can't know exactly what your loved one's style is, but we can help you avoid making a mistake!