A beautiful piece of jewellery is a gift that will always be appreciated, but sometimes you want to throw the recipient off the scent and make it into an even bigger surprise. Here are a few creative ways to give jewellery.

Wrapping it in several layers of paper or in smaller and smaller boxes is a nice touch that doesn't require much effort on your part. You can even add in other presents between the layers, like a grown up version of pass the parcel. By the time your giftee gets to the main event, they'll already be excited and delighted with the smaller gifts they have opened during the process. This is a nice way to hint at an engagement ring or other significant jewellery, as you can hide something new, something borrowed, something old and something blue in the layers, building up the surprise as you go.

We often see people dropping engagement rings in drinks, or hiding them in food as a surprise, and in the movies that's fine as no-one chokes! This approach is risky, and often involves so much clandestine activity in the kitchen, or with waiting staff, that the game is given away long before the big reveal. On top of that, no-one really wants to wear a sticky engagement ring, so think very carefully before using this approach, and do warn the recipient that there's a surprise inside, otherwise your engagement will be memorable thanks to that long visit to A&E!

The location can be very important when giving jewellery. Going to a sentimental place can really lift the experience of receiving jewellery, especially if it is a piece to remember someone by, or to start a new chapter with. First date locations, favourite picnic spots and even a favourite restaurant can help make the gift giving experience all the more special.

There is also the old bait and switch, but you have to know your giftee has a sense of humour before attempting this one as it could go badly wrong otherwise! You can use anything as a decoy - a candy ring, a washer or a single Rolo all fit the bill. Put the decoy inside a jewellery box and wait for your recipient to open it, expecting something far more magical than what they find inside. You can then either feign dismay, and produce the real deal from your pocket, claiming some kind of mix up, or give them another gift, such as a toaster or other electrical item with the jewellery placed inside the box. This is a nice approach for couples with a keen sense of humour and lots of in-jokes as you'll remember the prank and the gift fondly.

If you have cash to splash you could consider hiring an owl or other bird of prey to deliver the ring in a romantic gesture, just be sure your giftee hasn't got OrnithophobiaAviarists can train their birds to fly to a certain place, and it certainly makes an impact when a majestic bird of prey swoops in with a bag clutched in its talons. You could also consider using other animals, such as a pet dog and attach the jewellery to the collar.

We hope this has given you some food for thought and made you consider using a unique and special way of giving your present, and of course, our heart shaped box and polishing cloth adds a final flourish.

Creative ways to Give Jewellery