Every jewellery collection reflects the taste of the owner, but there are some items that should be in every collection. Classic pieces make accessorising easy and form the base of a collection that will serve any occasion. There are six essential items that should be in every jewellery box – a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, diamond earrings and a diamond necklace, a tennis bracelet and a cocktail ring. 

The classic string of pearls is something that is often passed down the generations, but for the modern woman a whole string of pearls can be difficult to wear regularly, as it's quite a glamorous look that doesn't suit everyone's day-to-day life. A necklace with a pearl pendant is much more versatile, and when you inherit the family jewels it can be worn with the vintage pearl necklace that is undoubtedly a feature of many family collections. The Full Moon necklace and matching earrings are perfect for every occasion; from a formal work event to a casual brunch with friends, these pieces lend a timeless air to your outfit and a sense of relaxed sophistication. 

Another pearl duo which ticks off both necklace and earrings is the Vintage Pearl set. With a vintage twist these pieces are the opposite end of the range from the more pared down Full Moon set. These pieces are ideal for a wedding or another family event and will look great with an evening gown. Glittering cubic zirconia adds sparkle and reflects light onto the lustrous pearl in the centre.

Cubic Zirconia Orbit Studs

Diamond stud earrings are a must for everyone. They work with everything and anything and give a subtle sparkle to an everyday outfit. Diamonds can be very expensive, however, so to keep our jewellery affordable for all we use cubic zirconia, an almost identical stone with the same properties as diamonds. These Orbit studs or the Purity studs are both timeless classics and elevate a white shirt and jeans combo to new heights. They can be worn for any occasion, even just a coffee morning, to brighten your day and catch some admiring glances. 

A cost effective alternative to a string of diamonds, is the Purity necklace which features a large cubic zirconia which glitters and dazzles and which co-ordinates perfectly with the matching studs for a complete ensemble. This is a casual necklace which looks great with anything, and it works well as part of a set of necklaces for a bolder look. 

Tennis bracelets are traditionally strings of diamonds popularised by Chris Evert, who stopped a match to find her diamond bracelet which had come undone during play. Since that event diamond bracelets of a particular style have been called tennis bracelets. We have two versions; the SnowFire bracelet, which holds the cubic zirconia in a claw setting, allowing the stones to catch the light from many angles, and the IceFire bracelet, which encases the cubic zirconia in a silver mount to really showcase their beauty. They are both tennis bracelets which can be worn with anything, but we would recommend removing it before playing any sport, as Chris Evert demonstrated how easy it is to lose something like that while you're exerting yourself.

Finally, every jewellery collection should include a cocktail ring, something showy which can be worn to an opulent event. Cocktail rings got their name from prohibition era America, where illegal cocktail parties were the place to be seen in all your finery, which included large rings studded with gems. We have eight to choose from, including multi-coloured dazzlers that are ideal for pairing with a simple black dress and blue or purple toned options which appeal to those with a penchant for those colours.

Our range is perfect to build a collection from as we have every base, and every taste covered.