We're not far past Christmas, but already some of us are thinking about gifts for those born in February, and with Valentine's Day in the same month there's a lot of pressure to get the right gift. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, so we can narrow down the search for a beautiful piece of jewellery to pieces featuring amethyst stones.

Our new design range, Triplicity, has amethyst, topaz and peridot stones set in a contemporary flower inspired mount. The design was inspired by early astrologers, who saw life as three distinct stages, early, middle and late. The fresh, clean design complements the early stage of life and brings a modern edge to a more mature look, so it's a set that will see you through an entire lifetime. 

The design comes in earrings and a necklace, so you could get one for Valentine's Day and the other for the birthday. The earrings are dazzling and look great with any outfit for a youthful look. The necklace has slightly larger stones set in the same style of mount and the set is perfect for social engagements and events where you want to make an impression. As an extra plus, topaz is one of the stones associated with water signs, so it's perfect for February babies.

For a really stunning piece to suit a modern lady our Spiralite necklace is the perfect fit. A multi-faceted pear shaped amethyst sits inside a swirling silver mount adorned with tiny cubic zirconia to flatter the main stone and attract the eye. This is piece makes quite a statement and would look great over a high neck top to add a touch of glamour to a winter outfit. The stone itself is 15mm high and 10mm wide, so it's dramatic without being over the top, an ideal gift for a demure yet vibrant Piscean. Matching earrings are available in the same shape with an elegant drop style.

The trend for statement rings hasn't gone unnoticed, and our Gemma Concerto ring fits the bill. Textured bands of silver are adorned with amethyst, peridot, citrine and topaz stones to catch the eye. This is a contemporary style with an edge, and would look great on a teenager or young adult who is developing their own personal aesthetic.

Earrings provide a lovely accent to anyone, but without pierced ears the selection is often lacking, and limited to staid styles that aren't attractive to younger people. Happily, we have a stunning pair of clip on amethyst earrings with a striking floral inspired design that you won't find anywhere else. The smooth cabochon amethyst sits at the centre, catching the light to draw the attention – people won't believe these are clip on.

Our Opal Fruits earrings are ideal for the bohemian in your life. With an elegant silver mount, these drop style earrings have amethyst and topaz, two colours that sit very well together. The filigree design evokes the shapes of nature and appeals to the free spirit – someone who likes the finer things in life, but who is also a dreamer.

If you are on a budget we have a simple set of earrings to suit your pocket, and your recipient. These amethyst studs are personal yet understated, so they make the perfect gift for people who might not wear much jewellery, but who want something simple and elegant to wear when the time is right. The vibrant purple colour complements a vibrant personality.

This is a just a selection of our amethyst February birthstone jewellery, so do take a look at our other pieces and we're sure you'll find the ideal gift for your loved one.