We all face testing times in life, whether that's an exam, an interview or even a difficult conversation that can't be avoided we're all familiar with the feeling of anxiety and nerves. Giving a speech or a presentation can be very nerve-wracking, and waiting to hear whether your house offer has been accepted can also be a tense time. Luckily, there are gemstones said to help with these feelings and to get us through those anxiety-ridden times that we have to bear. Amethyst, a gemstone with wide ranging beneficial associations, and aquamarine, a calming stone associated with tranquillity, are both good for anxiety.

Amethyst is a very popular stone with gemmologists, as it is said to help with just about any problem. Amethyst is often used with the intention of opening the mind, which brings a sense of clarity and a fresh perspective on things which can really help approach these tricky situations with a different viewpoint and a calm mind. It is said to help regulate moods, so it should help quell anxieties and provide a more balance outlook. Gemmologists often suggest having these stones in your pocket during tense times, but we think wearing them in the form of beautiful jewellery is a much nicer way to access their potential. 

The Purity amethyst necklace is a really simple way of wearing amethyst which can be hidden under a top if you want to keep the stone closer to your heart. Our Lavender collection is a bold way of incorporating calming amethyst into your look, as well as being a great way to detract attention from yourself, as everyone will be looking at your gorgeous big stones. Large emerald cut amethysts are the star of the show in this set and really make quite a striking impact while the cut style reflects that clarity and level headedness you're going for. Great for making a good impression as well as providing you with the benefits of amethyst, the Lavender collection would be ideal for a presentation or speech at work. Wear the whole ensemble for a formal event, or pick one or two pieces to wear for a more casual environment.

Purity Amethyst Necklace

Aquamarine has long been associated with protection and calm during stressful times and the pale blue tones are certainly relaxing to look at. It is said to be helpful against negative thoughts, making it ideal to wear while you make a pitch, or while you wait for some news. The Reverso necklace is a stunning example of aquamarine – it's the largest example of the stone in our range and the twisting mount, which cradles the stone, evokes ideas of protection. The mount also incorporates cubic zirconia to draw the eye to the stone, and this really helps when looking at the necklace for a sense of calm – you immediately focus on the tranquil tones of the gem. If you prefer something smaller and more discreet, then the Vivo style is ideal – smaller and less obtrusive this is the option to go for if your taste in jewellery leans towards the smaller pieces 

Whether you subscribe to the concept of gemmology or not, we know that positive thinking can give us a huge boost when we need it the most; looking our best is one way we can improve our self-esteem and our self-belief. Amore Argento jewellery is designed to complement you and make you look at the top of your game every day.