Throughout history gemstones have been associated with certain traits, and each culture has their own interpretation. There is often some overlap, however, as stones like aquamarine have colouring which leads to associations with the sea and calmness, or safety at sea and this is common across many cultures. Our gemstone jewellery is the perfect opportunity to dip a toe into the waters of gemstone significance, and wearing a piece which is associated with courage when you have a difficult task ahead of you can help align your thinking towards your inner strength; making things like presentations or interviews easier.

Aquamarine is associated with courage and protection, tourmaline also signifies courage, and garnet is linked with strength. These associations make our Rhapsody in Pink collection the ideal accessories for a business meeting, a first date or any task where you need to be brave and stay strong. Garnets and tourmaline both feature in this collection, bringing the wearer courage and strength. It is also a pretty and striking design which mixes and matches different shades and tones of pinks and reds to great effect. Wearing the ring or the bangle means you can always see the stones and remind yourself to access your inner courage, and the earrings or necklace will help tie your outfit together and display your excellent taste to everyone you meet.

For a bold look which oozes courage our Purity or Spicy necklaces are the perfect accessories. Both necklaces feature a large garnet with minimal adornment, allowing the strong red tones to shine through. If you're nervous about a work presentation or you have to make a speech at an event, these necklaces will dazzle your audience and win them over straight away. The richness of the red garnet works really well with bold colours as it can hold its own even when paired with similarly rich colours. It also goes perfectly with monochrome outfits, adding a splash of colour that will certainly be noticed. Both necklaces have matching earrings to complete the look.

Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline Earrings

When we think about strength and bravery red is a colour which often comes to mind as it is associated with fortitude. Pale blue colours are more associated with tranquillity and calm, but the pale blue aquamarine is closely linked to courage and protection, so wearing jewellery with this stone in affords the wearer a subtle strength and inner courage. Many of our aquamarine pieces have a more traditional styling, compared to the very modern looks which garnets work so well in. That said, for an understated look which will align you with bravery and protection our Vivo pieces are the answer. The modern style mount and the delicate blue tones of aquamarine combined are a perfect match and when you wear these pieces you'll feel that inner fearlessness and be able to cope with anything life throws at you.

Our Lovable Me collection has aquamarine stones surrounded by cubic zirconia which gives the wearer both courage and clarity. The vintage inspired design adds a twist of glamour to any outfit and the subtlety of the blue means it works with almost any colour – this is a very versatile set that can be teamed with a casual outfit to give you courage on a first date, or with more formal attire for the strength to get through any undertaking, even making a wedding speech.

We have many more aquamarine and garnet jewellery with designs to suit everyone, so if you're looking for the perfect accessory for a big event where you'll need strength and bravery check out our range and find the ideal good luck charm.