Garnet is known as the traveller's gemstone and it has traditionally been used to protect people on long journeys, especially at night. It is also thought to ensure a speedy return home, and while you might enjoy your holiday, it's always nice to come home afterwards. Whether you're a nervous flyer, or you're about to embark on a world tour wearing garnet is one way to ensure safe travels and look stylish while you do it.

A garnet necklace is ideal for travel as it can be discretely tucked into a top so you don't attract any unwanted attention, which is important when travelling alone or in countries where tourists attract crime. Our Purity necklace embodies the spirit of garnet with a single stone in a classic mount. This piece is perfect to give as a gift to someone at the start of a long journey, or to treat yourself with before you set off on your travels. The rich red looks fantastic with anything, so it can be your protection as well as a great accessory for a meal out or a party while still being understated. Matching earrings complete the set, so by having both you have two ways of wearing garnet – the earrings would be a good option if you're doing activities like zip-lining or treetop canopy visits, as there's no chain to get caught on anything.

Vivid Red Garnet Necklace

The Spicy Red necklace is a little showier, but if you're going somewhere fancy, like a cruise or a luxury holiday then this is the perfect piece to wear for safe travel as well as a sophisticated look. A large oval cut garnet is mounted in a sterling silver setting, with a cubic zirconia at the top for extra dazzle. The matching earrings follow the same design, which really shows off the stone in all its beauty. This is a striking set which would look amazing with an evening gown, or worn separately for a chic daytime look. 

Our Vivid Red necklace is a good compromise between the Purity and the Spicy Red options. The stone is a similar size to the Purity one, but the setting adds glamour to the stone. The rub over setting helps keep the stone clean and is a very secure way of mounting a gem, which means you don't need to worry about losing it during your travels. This piece can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and your environment, so it's a really versatile piece which will not only afford you protection on your travels, it will make you look stunning while you're at it.

We have much more garnet jewellery on our website so if none of these pieces take your fancy there will be something you will love for a safe journey and speedy return.