The phrase "feeling blue" has been around, in one form or another, since the 1300s, when the colour started to be used to describe feeling down. A further 700 years later and we're still using the same word to mean sad, and it even has its own musical genre, the blues. That's not going to stop blue lovers wearing the colour; it's all around us in nature and has been shown to have a calming effect. Perhaps feeling "blue" doesn't always have to mean down in the dumps? We've got some stunning blue gems that will instantly lift your mood, including rich tanzanite, sapphire and delicate topaz.

Tanzanite is one of the December birthstones, although topaz is more often used and sapphire can be associated with December too. It's definitely a month we associate with icy blue skies and sometimes blue fingers too! Our Cool Blue collection features tanzanite and cubic zirconia set in a classically inspired mount. This vintage look works well with the clear, rich hues of blue in the tanzanite and is an elegantly styled collection that can be worn as a set to great effect. The ring features even more dazzling stones to really draw the eye in and the price belies the glamour this collection brings.

A similar style is found in the Classico collection, which features deep blue sapphires and cubic zirconia. This is another sophisticated set for evening wear as a collection, or each piece can be worn separately to add a touch of elegance to an ordinary outfit. The multifaceted cut allows you to see all the subtleties of tone in these gorgeous stones and the pentagonal shape of the mount adds a modern twist to a traditional design.

A burst of blue can be found with our topaz rings, the Interlace and the Blue Bomb cocktail ring. Both options have three shades of topaz stones clustered together for dramatic impact and either will make a statement at an evening do.

The Amore Blue Bomb Cocktail Ring

The great thing about having different shades together is that these pieces will work with any blue outfit, matching at least one tone while the other two complement the look – you'll be asked who your stylist is! This Duo Bleu necklace is the perfect accompaniment for either ring.

Our Triplicity Blue set of necklace and earrings also uses three shades of topaz in a flower inspired setting that is pretty, elegant yet still very sophisticated. These pieces would also look great with the blue rings for a modern, fresh look.

For a modern look these Serenity earrings are perfect. A silver cross design hosts rich sapphires and cubic zirconia to catch the light and these will be a great accessory to wear with an evening gown at a big event. They would also work with less formal attire to add a sprinkling of glamour, no fussy hairdos or complicated eye makeup needed here. Our Melody necklace would look fantastic alongside the earrings for a striking look.

Fans of simple jewellery will love this Snow Dome ring. A smooth cabochon blue topaz sits in a simple silver mount, and this beautiful stone needs no fuss to shine through. This is the ideal ring for everyday wear, and every time it catches your eye it will lift your spirits no end, no more feeling blue with this dazzler on your hand.

We have many more stunning pieces of blue gemstone jewellery to suit every taste and every occasion, and each piece comes in our signature heart shaped box, with heart shaped polishing cloth we're sure you'll love.