Jewellery is an excellent investment idea – you can wear and enjoy it, even pass it down to your children or grandchildren and also be secure in the knowledge that silver (and other precious metals) retains its value very well and doesn't fluctuate much. Over the past two decades silver has experienced highs, peaking in 2011 and then stabilising, but over the long term retaining or even gaining a little in value. Over the past 30 years silver has increased in value, making it a sensible long term investment. We're not advising you to melt down any of our pieces, of course, but to remember that putting money into jewellery is a sensible and sound investment which is easy to store and which can bring joy on a daily basis, unlike solid bars of precious metal you might keep in a bank vault or other secure storage.

Putting money aside for a moment, the sentimental value which is attached to family jewellery collections is something you can also pass down the generations; the more it is worn, the more meaningful it becomes. The financial value can be important here too, especially when deciding what to leave to whom, as it's important to get the balance right (especially between children). We've all seen the shocked faces of people on the Antiques Roadshow who have been left something by a relative with no idea of the monetary value, only to find out it's worth thousands and could be really important in times of difficulty. 

Fantasize Ruby Ring

Precious stones are also valuable, so if you're looking to build an investment collection of jewellery go for pieces which have stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other desirable stones which hold their value. It is always possible to re-set stones from one piece into another, as well as melting down jewellery to make new pieces that are more attuned to the contemporary style, although we recommend always seeking out a reputable jeweller to value any pieces before taking the steps of breaking them up – some styles and designs hold their value well and could be worth more left whole than if they were reworked.

Jewellery is easy to store, portable, and functional as well as beautiful, making it a great investment choice as something to retain value for the future while being usable here and now. It's a nice thing to leave in a will, as even the most cramped studio flats have room for a jewellery box, so there is no worry about leaving something that might end up being a burden on the recipient. We hope our pieces will be the foundation, or a welcome addition to your investment in jewellery.