Jewellery for Water Signs

We're specialists in birthstone jewellery - so naturally we love the idea of stones associated with zodiac signs and the elements. What's even better is that for January and February the birthstones are the same as the zodiac stones; garnet for January and Aquarius and amethyst for February and Pisces. Of course there is some overlap between the months and the zodiac signs so there may be some early January babies who are Capricorns, or early February babies who are Aquarians. Aquarius and Pisces are both water signs, and there is an association between gemstones and these elements. Topaz, emerald and opal are all linked to water signs, so jewellery which combines some of these stones together would be a great gift for anyone born early on in the year.

Our Coupled necklace and earrings feature amethyst and topaz stones, combining a February birthstone, the sign of Pisces and the water sign stone in one beautiful design. A sinuous silver mount encases the stones in a design that evokes the flow of water, making it personal on every level as well as being highly wearable and eye catching. The same combination of stones can be found in our Opal Fruits earrings, which are delicate with a flowing mount that again, evokes the smooth flow of water. 

Opal Fruit Earrings

Our Punch Cocktail collection of earrings, ring and necklace also combines amethyst and topaz in a bold display of colour that is perfect for evening wear and special occasions. Not for the shrinking violet these pieces have large stones which complement each other to bring out all the hues of purple and blue in one piece.

For January babies or Aquarians garnet is the main stone to focus on, and our Rainbow Punch collection features rhodalite garnets, topaz and amethyst to combine birthstone, zodiac stone and water sign stone in one dazzling display. This showy collection is a real eye catcher and definitely suited to the forthright Aquarian. These pieces pack quite the punch when worn as a set, but are equally wearable as separate pieces to lift an everyday outfit to something special. 

Water signs are associated with topaz, emerald and opal as well, so if the pieces we described here aren't the right fit for your water sign loved one you can look at jewellery which features one or more of these stones. Our Circle of Life emerald necklace, which has matching earrings available, will appeal to water signs as the circle is a very important shape in nature, as well as being a flattering shape for jewellery. Combined with cubic zirconia the emeralds really stand out in the necklace and earrings, and when worn as a set they make quite the impact.

We have a wide range of topaz jewellery to choose from as well and the different hues of topaz in our Rhapsody in Blue collection flatter winter skin, brightening up an otherwise dull time of year. The blue tones also look fabulous with a tan, so you can wear these pieces all year round.