Keeping our jewellery safe and organised is very important. It prevents accidental damage from pieces knocking against each other and it prevents the tangling of necklaces and bracelets, which is not only tricky to unpick but can cause damage to the chain if it is pulled or knotted very tightly. Proper storage also makes it easy to find the piece you want because there's nothing worse than hunting around for the perfect accessory and ending up being late to your event because you couldn't find the necklace you wanted. 

Storing our jewellery at home is usually quite easy – some people with built in wardrobes have jewellery drawers which can be partitioned with dividers to help keep everything in its place. Ring trees provide storage and display for rings, and there are many earring displays which use a mesh to hold the earrings. Scatter trays are good for holding the pieces of jewellery you wear regularly and want to keep at hand, but this can lead to things getting tangled up.

If you're taking jewellery on holiday with you storage is equally important. If you are staying in a hotel and you have valuable jewellery with you make sure there is a safe, either in the room or in a secure area behind reception, that you can lock your jewels in. You won't be taking your entire collection with you, but what you do bring will have to cope with transit and baggage handling. It's a good idea to keep your most valuable pieces on you rather than putting them in the hold, but either way your jewellery needs to be properly packed and protected for the journey.

There are countless travel jewellery cases on the market at a range of price points and sizes, so with a little window shopping you'll find the ideal travel case. You might have a collection which has several different themes, so it could be a good idea to use these travel cases at home to organise the themes and styles in your collection. Doing this also makes it easier to find the piece you're after as you don't have to look through your entire collection, just the case with that style in it.

Most travel jewellery cases have compartments which can separate earrings and necklaces as well as a ring cushion section that will keep your rings in the right position and well protected even in transit. Look for a model which has enough compartments to keep necklaces untangled and make sure there is enough space for all the items you might want to take with you. It is worthwhile having a larger travel jewellery case for long holidays, as well as a smaller one for a long weekend, or to keep in your handbag if you're changing jewellery during the day.

Some travel jewellery cases are a rigid box, and these are best for jewellery that is going to be packed in a case or kept in a handbag as they're not prone to folding or bending and causing damage to the contents. The envelope or roll styles are generally less protective, but if space is at a premium they can be useful.

If you're just starting your jewellery collection you may find that one of the larger travel cases is perfect for home storage, and the fact that it is portable means it is easier to take everything with you, rather than deciding in advance which pieces you want to wear on holiday or a romantic weekend getaway.

All our jewellery comes in a heart shaped box with a polishing cloth, and these boxes are perfect for taking a few items with you on a business or overnight trip where you don't need to take a lot with you. However you choose to transport your jewellery, ensure it is not at risk of being stolen and that it is well protected for transit.