With spring in the air and warm weather well and truly here there's no better time to wear floral inspired jewellery to bring you into the season with style. We loved our topaz Daisy collection so much that we've added the same style with delicate green peridot stones as well. Both collections include a ring, necklace and earrings and look fantastic together. If you tan easily and have a darker or olive skin tone the topaz version will flatter your natural beauty, and if you're pale or red-headed the subtle green peridot will look amazing on you. These pieces would look great with a flowing maxi dress or wide-legged jumpsuit and will work for a wedding, casual barbecue or just a brunch trip out with friends.

Our Flora collection, now with a matching bracelet, is a fantastic set for those with a bohemian style. Pretty sterling silver filigree style petals unfurl from the central blue topaz stone to create a delicate look which can be worn anywhere. These pieces make a great ensemble, but will also work with other floral inspired jewellery in your collection, making them a great addition for new mix and match looks. Another very pretty and intricate piece is our Primrose bracelet which would look great with the Flora collection. Dainty sterling silver petals surround a cubic zirconia centre and there are four of these flowers on the delicate chain.

The Triplicity collection is available with either three shades of blue topaz, or a mixture of topaz, amethyst and peridot, take inspiration from flower shapes. There are three stones on each, interspersed with sterling silver hoops which mimic petals in between the stones. These pieces go nicely with floral prints to create a modern look, and they also match well with other floral shapes in jewellery, accessories or even a flower-adorned hairstyle. The collections can be mixed together, so you could pair the blue earrings with the multi-coloured necklace for a bolder look which will attract attention and let your personality shine through. 

Silver Opal Gemstone Earrings

More multi-coloured floral inspired jewellery can be found in our Opal Fruits collection. There are two earrings, a drop style with topaz and amethyst or studs with topaz, amethyst and citrine. The matching necklace goes well with both earrings and has more stones than the earrings, making it a perfect accompaniment. This collection is inspired by nature as seen in the filigree leaves which swirl around in the circular frame. The stones in these pieces represent flowers or buds so they're perfect for the spring season when everything is emerging and flowering.

Finally, you don't need pierced ears to enjoy some floral inspired jewellery with our Dreamy clip on earrings. We pride ourselves on making clip on earrings which look just like the real thing – most of the clip earrings on the high street just don't cut the mustard and they tend to be painful to wear for a whole day. We use a comfortable cushion back to allow anyone to wear our clip on earrings for a whole day without any discomfort. The Dreamy collection is available with a classic white pearl, a black pearl or amethyst central stone surrounded by delicate silver swirls like an ornate flower, so there's something to go with every outfit, from a wedding dress to a casual shirt and jeans look.

We bring out new pieces regularly, so it's always worth checking our website if you're after a new style. We also provide a bespoke design service, so if there's a particular look you are after, or you want us to come up with some designs to suit a theme we are very happy to do so. Email our design team or call us on 0345 450 3966 to discuss your needs.