Iolite is a relatively new gemstone which is found in Australia, Burma, Brazil and various places in Africa and Asia. It has rich blue-purple tone which is darker than amethyst and sapphire, but often used in place of sapphire when cost prohibits the use of the more expensive stone. We like it as a stone in its own right thanks to those rich tones and the way it works with silver settings. The shades and tones vary from deposit to deposit, so we opt for the most flattering tone for each design we have.

Starting simply with our iolite range we have the Orbit earrings which feature a multifaceted iolite in a simple sterling silver mount. If you're looking for the perfect accessory to wear with navy blue or dark purple then look no further, these earrings are ideal. Our Vivid Violet necklace complements the earrings sympathetically, as the mounts are a similar style and the stones are of the same hue. 

The Reverso iolite necklace is a little more ornate, with a swirling silver mount adorned with cubic zirconia. An oval multifaceted cut iolite nestles at the bottom of the mount, the eye being drawn down the line of cubic zirconia to this beautiful stone. Again, we have chosen a very deep purple toned iolite for this piece, as the dramatic effect is simply breath-taking. The necklace would look stunning with complementary earrings and the Summer Shade hoop earrings make an ideal match. Sterling silver hoops feature a glittering iolite at the apex of the hoop which really catches the light and flatters the wearer.

Iolite Pendant

Our Gwyneth collection, a pretty floral design with rhodalite garnet and lemon quartz alongside delicate purple iolite, is a popular design which is ideal for the summer season. The iolite earrings would look amazing on their own with a floaty floral dress, or worn with the matching ring and necklace for a more ornate look – ideal for garden parties and summer weddings. 

Lastly, our Cross My Heart ring features an iolite stone flanked by two shades of topaz in a twisting cross inspired mount which lets the stones sing while representing love and dedication. The two different tones of topaz bring out the blue tones in the iolite to make the match perfect – just as the match between two lovers is perfect.