Our birthstone jewellery makes an ideal present for a loved one. Birthstones are a symbolic representation of each month so they have a personal connection to the wearer. We have several designs of birthstone jewellery, from simple studs where the stone is the star to modern minimalistic styles like the Orbit collection. This year we have brought out a new design, the Vivo collection. 

This is our first collection to have a necklace and matching earrings for all twelve birthstones and the collection is very reasonably priced, meaning you can gift the set without breaking the bank. This is a modern design with subtle nods to the traditional styles of the past. Sterling silver mounts are fashioned with tiny spheres of silver around the edge which boldly references the millgrain edging that was popularised in the Edwardian period. 

The stud earrings and necklace in each set are similarly sized, with the earrings featuring a 3mm stone and the necklace having a 4mm stone (approximately). This subtle size difference makes the set a great ensemble for every day. Garnet is the stone for January, and the name comes from a word meaning "seed", as the luscious red stones look like pomegranate seeds, a fruit which signifies abundance and eternal life. Garnets are also thought to keep the wearer safe during journeys, so they are a popular stone for those with wanderlust.

Amethyst is the stone for February and the delicate purple tones signify courage, strength and were associated with sobriety in ancient Greece, although we doubt that wearing amethyst on a birthday night out will guard against a hangover the next day! For March aquamarine is the significant stone. It is associated with the oceans and water, hence the name, and is thought to protect the wearer on sea voyages. It is also associated with alleviating diseases of the heart, liver and lungs and the subtle blue shades of aquamarine are very calming to look at.

Vivo Amethyst Necklace

April born babies have the choice of diamond or cubic zirconia, with diamonds being an expensive choice. We use the more affordable cubic zirconia to make our jewellery accessible for all and both stones are associated with wealth, clarity and everlasting love. Gorgeous green emeralds are the stone for May and they signify wisdom, growth and insight. A popular stone for centuries, emeralds will always be popular and the piercing green of emeralds looks great on people with fair and red hair. The emerald Vivo set is a little more expensive than some of the others because emeralds are one of the more expensive stones.

Pearls feature for June, and they represent purity. Pearls have long been a desirable adornment and they are both timeless and versatile. Our freshwater pearls are sustainable and naturally beautiful. Our pearl Vivo earrings and necklace would also make a lovely engagement present or something to wear on a wedding day with a modern twist. July is represented by rubies, which make the Vivo ruby set a little pricier than others but still absolutely delightful to wear. Rubies were traditionally associated with protection against evil but are more associated with love and passion today.

August babies wear peridot as their birthstone, and the delicate green tones of the stone complement the lush colours of summer. Peridot has been associated with protection from nightmares and from evil, and is also said to be beneficial for friendship – any friend receiving the peridot Vivo set will be a friend for life – proof that it works! September's birthstone is sapphire, another more expensive stone. It is said to protect against evil but also represents purity, wisdom and everlasting love.

October is represented by opal, a shimmering, iridescent stone which looks fantastic on everyone. It was originally thought to reflect the mood of the wearer, but also has associations with protecting eyesight. A very popular stone in India and the east, opals are truly stunning in any light. November is represented by citrine, a stunning yellow-orange stone which symbolises creativity, personal power and is thought to aid in decision making. The glowing golden tones really stand out in the Vivo mount and will bring light to those dark autumnal evenings.

Finally, December's birthstone is blue topaz, a stone which varies in tone from light to dark which represents perfection, peace and clear communication. The subtly toned stones we use look radiant in the sterling silver Vivo mount - they're a great combination and an ideal Christmas-birthday present as there will be a lot of opportunities to wear them over the festive period.

We're very proud of the Vivo collection as it is a mount style which suits every stone. Designed for the modern woman these pieces work with everyday outfits and can also dress up a casual outfit for a more sophisticated event. Take a look at the collection today and get your birthday presents for the rest of the year sorted out now.