The origins of the phrase "to paint the town red" are disputed, with some believing it was used to describe the antics of a wild, post-hunting night out in Melton Mowbray in 1837, when the Marquis of Waterford and his chums literally painted some doors and landmarks in the town red. This is a nice idea, but the earliest citations of the phrase date from the early 1880s in America, so it may have been retrospectively applied to the antics of that big night out in 1837. Various sources cite the phrase in relation to Democrats arriving en masse in Newark or to bonfires giving a town a red glow. Whatever the origins of the phrase, it's still in popular usage today to describe a big night out, so what better to wear when you paint the town red than rubies and garnets?

We have some gorgeous ruby jewellery perfect for special events, and the ruby Fantasize ring is an excellent place to start. A modern, chunky design works well with evening wear and will certainly garner some admiring looks. This is a statement piece which needs little dressing up – it's ideal as a standout piece with an outfit where a necklace isn't on the cards. Paired with our Spice of Life ruby earrings for dramatic effect this duo is a modern, glamorous and elegant set for any woman.

Another modern, minimalist set is the Cherry Bomb collection. Rich red garnets are round cut with multiple facets which catch the light and the cubic zirconia and sterling silver mounts attract and refract the light onto the central stone. This is a three-piece set which works really well as an ensemble. It is modern and vibrant and will work with many different styles of outfit. If a high neckline rules out a necklace then the ring and earrings look fabulous on their own, but all three creates a striking look, especially against the backdrop of a classic little black dress.

Cherry Bomb Ruby Ring

For a sophisticated look the ruby Classico collection is perfect. A three-piece set; this has vintage echoes and a traditional look that really fits a classical venue or an event where history is a key theme. The traditional design means these pieces work really well in an architectural setting, and as separate items they can elevate a simple outfit to new heights in less formal venues. This set would make a lovely heirloom gift, and will work really nicely with any of your inherited pieces. 

Another very elegant set is the Camellia Garnet collection. This floral inspired set is perfect for nature lovers and bohemian types but it's still elegant and modern – a great middle ground for jewellery that will work in formal and casual settings depending on how it is worn. This is a lovely set for a wild summer night out – those long light evenings are just begging for some celebration, so even if you haven't got anything in particular to toast this collection will ensure you find a reason to go out. The oval shaped garnets are set in a flower shaped cubic zirconia studded mount to really make the rich red tones stand out.

If you have some ruby or garnet jewellery already and are looking to add to your collection with a wearable, everyday piece that can take you from work into a night out these garnet studs are your answer. Garnet is the birthstone for January, but anyone can wear it if they love red, so they make a great addition to a collection. We hope you've found some pieces you want for your next night out painting the town red.