Whether you're jetting off to tropical beaches, or having a staycation here in the UK this summer you want to enjoy yourself, make some lasting memories and be looking your best in your holiday snaps. Our jewellery gives you that special feeling and an effortlessly elegant look so to get your inspiration flowing here's our pick of the best summery jewellery to make it a holiday to remember.

Summer is a great time to get your necklace collection out. Dressing for the warm weather means necklines get lower and lighter which creates the perfect opportunity to show off your favourite necklaces, perhaps even wearing two for extra detail. Our Circle of Life necklaces are ideal and the round shape echoes the shape of the sun with the sparkle all coming from you. The cubic zirconia options are versatile pieces that will go with anything, but they work particularly well with casual summer dresses, adding a touch of glamour to an outfit which will take you from beach to bar to dinner. For those of you who like a bit of colour we have the ruby, sapphire and emerald options within the same collection, as well as matching earrings for all necklaces. The Circle of Life sets are fantastic for dressing up floaty summer dresses and you can wear the necklace all day, adding the earrings in for a more sophisticated evening look.

Continuing the circular theme our Twister necklace features a sterling silver circle enveloped by another silver spiral adorned with three glittery cubic zirconia. This is a deceptively simple necklace which can go with anything and still draw attention. Circular shapes on necklaces are a very modern look, ideally suited to summer clothing where wider necklines allow more space for jewellery to stand out. If you like the Twister necklace but want a splash of colour our Kaleidoscope necklace is a similar design but with citrine, peridot and topaz stones in place of the cubic zirconia plus a flourish of smaller cubic zirconia along the spiral. There is a matching ring, earrings and bangle for this set, making it perfect for taking on holiday to provide a versatile set which can be worn together for a special night out or individually for a more casual look.

One of the lovely things about a holiday is the food and the chance to eat out every night if you want to – the rules are a bit different on holiday and it's all about indulgence and treating yourself. With that in mind our stunning Star Catcher necklace is the perfect accompaniment to a posh meal out. The gorgeous blue cabochon lapis flatters a tan and looks fantastic as part of a glammed up look for a special meal out. We have kept the mount a little understated to really let the qualities of the lapis speak for themselves, so the mount frames and showcases the stone for maximum effect. 

If you liked the Star Catcher but want something a little glitzier then our Grand Regal Blue necklace is the answer. A stunning, multi-faceted blue topaz is cradled by sterling silver swirls, encrusted with cubic zirconia so there's no part of this piece that doesn't catch the light. This is quite a large stone, so it suits a big personality and a statement dress, but equally works with a simple dress as the star of the show. Again, the blue flatters a glowing tan and the matching ring and earrings complete the set for a show stopping look.

Grand Regal Blue Topaz Necklace

A smaller, more delicate option in the same aesthetic is the With A Twist necklace, which also features a multi-faceted blue topaz nestled in a cubic zirconia, adorned sterling silver mount. This is more of a teardrop shape than a circle, but this shape flatters and enhances a summer tan and a well-structured top. You could combine this with the Grand Regal Blue set and mix and match the pieces as they will all complement each other. That way you could wear the Regal earrings and the With A Twist necklace for a daytime look, adding the Grand Regal necklace and matching ring for an evening event. 

Our Duo Bleu necklace (which has matching earrings) is a delicate blue topaz piece with teardrop and round topaz stones in two shades. The two shades complement each other and make these pieces very easy to wear, and the teardrop shape means you could team the earrings with the With A Twist necklace, and even with the Grand Regal set, for a versatile mix and match collection that will see you through your holiday whatever you choose to do.

Finally, we have to mention the Journey necklace. Ideally named for a holiday the Journey necklace perfectly matches bold shapes and sinuous lines for a standout necklace that will match well with our teardrop shapes. It is a very sleek design and simple in its elegance and will complement other pieces, as well as stand out on its own. The polished sterling silver will shine in the sunlight and the cubic zirconia will sparkle, flattering the wearer's natural beauty.

We hope you have a great holiday, wherever you go, and that your Amore Argento jewellery makes for some great photos and memories.