We all know the saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" for brides on their wedding day, and we think our freshwater pearl wedding jewellery collection fits the bill for that "something new" perfectly.

We'd always recommend asking the bride-to-be what she already has in the way of wedding jewellery, and whether she has thought of all four necessary items. Some people may have said they'll cover one of them, often without telling her exactly what that "something borrowed" might be, and the last thing you want to do on a wedding day is upset any plans! We also think though, that "something new" is a lovely one to cover, and it's nice to do so with a piece of jewellery that will stay in the bride's collection and maybe even one day be someone else's "something borrowed". Again, it's best to check that what you intend to give hasn't already been covered, so we'd suggest saying "I'd like to get you something for the wedding day, as your "something new" and I was thinking about some jewellery, would you like a necklace, earrings or a bracelet?". That way you don't spoil the surprise, but you also won't spoil anyone else's surprise either. If in doubt, go for earrings as they are less affected by the dress style than bangles and necklaces. For obvious reasons, avoid giving the bride a ring on her wedding day!

There are over 50 pieces in our freshwater pearl wedding collection so there is something for every taste, including three styles of clip on earrings that will be a beautiful addition on the day. Pearls look great on brides as the subtle shimmer is flattering and doesn't overpower the dress, hair or make-up – often we're looking for statement pieces of jewellery for a special day, but bridal jewellery is part of a whole look rather than something to attract all the attention. We have modern and classical styles, some with a twist, and a shape to suit everyone.

Brides Wedding Bracelet

Although our pearl wedding collection is designed for wedding days and other matrimonial events like engagement parties, bridal showers and vow renewal there's also the option of choosing gemstone jewellery in a complementary colour to the main colour scheme of the day. If the bride and groom are big fans of purple, and have decided to make that their flash of colour then our amethyst jewellery will look great on the bride, giving a little nod to the colour scheme while still being elegant. Earrings are always a good wedding day gift as the neckline of the dress won't affect how a necklace sits, but earrings work with hair up and down. 

Blue is another traditional bridal colour scheme, as well as one of the factors of the four "something's". Dazzling blue topaz jewellery will team with the colour scheme and fulfil both something new and something blue whilst still being light and fresh. For a deeper blue sapphire jewellery is the perfect fit, but perhaps for more mature brides looking for an understated wedding look that's not all tulle and tiaras.

Greens and yellows aren't the most popular wedding colours, but both have been used to great effect in outdoor weddings and non-traditional events with a vibrant feel. Citrine is a deep yellow toned stone which is earthy and natural in colour so it's not too bright and overbearing. Peridot is a lovely natural green tone which leans towards the brighter end of the green spectrum, while emeralds are deeper and closer towards the blue end of the green spectrum.

Look at our range to find the perfect "something new" or "something blue"