Sometimes you want a piece of jewellery that is both simple yet striking; something that's stunning but not too decorous which will pair perfectly with a bold outfit. Our Spicy Collection is the answer to your prayers. We have made this design with a choice of three stones – topaz, garnet or opal, so there's a match for every outfit. The smooth opal stones in particular will co-ordinate with any outfit as the neutral main tone, coupled with the iridescent speckles complement every colour. 

The topaz and garnets in this collection are a multi-faceted oval cut, while the opals are polished smooth in the same shape. They are all 12mm high and the large stone size is one of the things which really make this design so appealing. Each piece is set in a sterling silver rhodium plated mount which cradles the stone at the top and bottom, finished off with a circular mounted single cubic zirconia to add an extra touch of sparkle.

Spicy Silver Opal Necklace

These topaz pieces would make a great gift as a December birthstone present, while the garnet set for a January birthday would be a lovely lavish present so soon after Christmas. The opal version could be given for an October birthday, but these pieces are equally lovely as a gift for anyone with a taste for striking jewellery and a bold look. Traditionally, topaz is associated with learning, creativity and generosity as well as clear communication and the naturally calming properties of water and the sky. The rich red garnet symbolises passion, love and commitment and features twice in the series of stones for marriage anniversaries (2 and 6 years). Opal is the stone to celebrate 14 years of marriage as well as symbolising devotion and being a signifier of the mood of the wearer, thanks to ancient beliefs that the iridescence would change colour depending on your mood.

These gorgeous big jewels will go perfectly with dramatic clothes. Think stylish tailoring, flowing box-pleated skirts, structural tops and dresses and soft, muted colours which allow the shape of the clothing, and your beautiful gems to be the star of the show.