Family jewellery is a lovely thing to inherit, the memories of the people and occasions the pieces were worn creates an everlasting bond between family members that transgresses the boundaries of life and death. No one wants to dwell on their own mortality, or that of their loved ones, but many people cherish the items they have inherited from their ancestors for the memories they hold. Creating a family legacy collection with birthstone jewels from Amore Argento is a touching way to provide memories for the generations to come, and you can even incorporate your existing items into the collection for the whole family to enjoy now and in the future.

You may be starting with some pieces you already own that have a sentimental history, and this is a great place to begin as you can see what styles and stones feature most heavily. Sometimes it is nice to complement the existing collection with similar styles, but there is also room for injecting your own personality into it, and the styles of other family members so everyone can enjoy it. Others may be starting with nothing, or just a couple of rings as the foundation of a family collection. Either way, what better addition to a family legacy collection than birthstone jewellery representing every member of the family, past and present?

At Amore Argento we love the connection that a birthstone creates between a piece of jewellery and the person who wears it, and as we have several styles available we're sure there is something to suit everyone's taste. You can choose the design you think a long-lost relative would opt for and start a collection by letting the influences of the past shape the future of the family set. Depending on how much you know about your family history you could go back several generations, adding pieces for each person. This can be quite an extensive task, so your collection will grow over a long period of time, added to by other purchases of significance.

One of the most important things about creating a family jewellery collection is to ensure that it is wearable – if people don't wear the jewellery then it is hard for any new memories to be formed. Each family member who will be wearing pieces from the collection should have a say in the choice, perhaps either by allowing everyone to choose one or two pieces, or by having a vote on every item. What works best depends on how similar your family's tastes are, and what sort of a collection you are hoping to build.

Once your family members have been represented by their birthstone in your collection you can work on adding pieces for special occasions. Wedding jewellery that is passed through the family is a beautiful tradition to continue or to start, and our freshwater pearl wedding collection is full of inspiring designs with a range of styles to suit any dress and any venue; whether that's a simple set of pearl studs to complement a boho vibe, or a set of stunning drop style pearls for a more traditional take we have something to suit. 

These shared pieces can be a lovely thing to be able to offer to family members on important occasions, like an engagement, a graduation or another big life event – imagine celebrating a lottery win wearing the ring that another family member wore at their wedding, wouldn't that be a lovely connection?

Family collections are often not kept in a single place. Some of the pieces might be kept at home by the person who bought it, or who was given it, and some pieces might be kept centrally in a safe or at a bank. It is worthwhile keeping an inventory of which pieces form part of a family collection, and which are personal – a Valentine's gift may be kept between two people, for example. Writing things down and agreeing which pieces are communal means no arguing about who can wear what, and whether Auntie Jill's new earrings are part of it or not.

We hope you have been inspired to start a family legacy jewellery collection, or to add to an existing one with some gorgeous gems from Amore Argento.