One of the hot trends from this season's catwalk was statement gloves – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and other film stars from that classic era of Hollywood. This is a look almost certainly reserved for evening functions and classy events, we're not expecting to see anyone doing the weekly shop wearing a string of pearls and elbow length gloves, although if you fancy getting fancy for the food shopping we're not going to stop you!

Elbow length gloves have often been a niche trend in years past, with many high street stores offering long gloves for winter, especially when capes or ¾ length sleeves have also been on trend at the time. Now they're back as a main trend and it really is a look that evokes class and glamour, so why not jump on the trend and pretend we're on a Hollywood red carpet in the early 1960s? All you need to accessorise these with is a statement ring or show stopping bangle.

Wearing jewellery over gloves used to be a very controversial and hotly contended topic, with various changes through the ages and in different countries about what was acceptable. Cocktail rings got their name from the style of very showy rings worn over evening gloves at speakeasies in 1920s prohibition era America, but many English style guides forbid the wearing of any rings over a glove according to proper etiquette. Some people consider wearing a wedding ring under or over a glove to be acceptable, as long as the ring won't damage the inside of the glove – in these cases it may be worn over the glove but that can be a tight fit. Generally speaking all other rings shouldn't be worn under gloves as it spoils the line of the garment.

The modern woman, however, is not so bound by these conventions and various designers have thrown out the rulebook when it comes to catwalk looks. As long as you're not going to meet the Queen, where protocol like this is still de rigeur, we think if you want to throw a statement ring over an elegant black glove why not? Our cocktail rings are perfect for this purpose, the Rainbow options being especially eye catching and ideal for creating a bold look that combines glamour with a touch of edgy style.

Rainbow Cocktail Ring

Bangles worn over gloves are less controversial as they don't interfere with the line of the gloved hand and can actually help pull a look together, especially if short sleeves create a space between the wrist and the cuff. Bracelets can often be a little too dainty to stand out on a gloved arm, so we recommend something a little more robust, like our Tutti Frutti bangle which uses five different stones to great effect. Cubic zirconias adorn two of the four strands this piece culminates in, with amethyst, peridot, citrine and topaz finishing them off beautifully. The variety of colours means this will go with the classic black dress or any of the colours featured. 

The Fantasia bangle is also a stand out star over a glove. Sterling silver and cubic zirconia combine in a modern, geometric inspired design which injects a contemporary edge into a classic look. The Fantasia Mini bangle is ideal for a smaller wrist, or for those who prefer to keep it traditional. The Titanic bangle is another understated yet very pretty bangle which would be ideal over gloves. 

The jury may be out on whether you should wear a ring and a bangle over your evening gloves, but we think Coco Chanel would have the last word here and advise to take one of them off. Doing this means the piece you do wear will get all the attention and you'll look incredibly elegant while being admired for your timeless style.