If you love jewellery the chances are you have quite the collection going, and sometimes you may even forget what you actually have if it's buried under a pile of other pieces. It's quite common to end up wearing the same pieces time after time, simply because those are the pieces you see most often, so if this rings a bell it's time to think about your jewellery storage.

There's one important question to answer – is your jewellery very expensive? For heirloom pieces and very expensive pieces secure storage is a must. Some pieces you might consider keeping in a bank vault, but if you do wear these pieces, and have them in your home, it's worth investing in a safe. A safe can be easily installed into a built-in cupboard and hidden from view, so even burglars won't find it. If your house does get broken into, jewellery is one of the most desirable items as it's small, easy to conceal and also easy to sell; so you need to protect your most valuable pieces from theft. Your insurance provider may even stipulate that they will only cover certain pieces if they are stored in a safe.

For jewellery that's not going to be taken to the Antiques Roadshow storage can be less stringent. Many wardrobe designers build in jewellery drawers, and these are great especially if they have a lock fitted. If you don't have a built in cupboard or any free drawers you can invest in a lockable jewellery box to keep your treasures safe and keep this in a cupboard or other secure place. It is worth noting that the kitchen is never the first target for burglars – they tend to go for the bedrooms and living rooms first, as this is where most people keep electronics and jewellery. Hiding your jewellery box behind the cornflakes might seem like a mad idea, but burglars aren't out there stealing breakfast cereal, so they're unlikely to look there.

You might want to have some pieces on display, and there are loads of display storage solutions for jewellery out there. Ring cones are ideal for stacking rings on, and necklace trees provide a pretty way of keeping your chains untangled and your favourite pendants close to hand. Earring storage often comes in the form of peg boards or sections of mesh to which you can attach studs and drop style earrings. Small jewellery trays are good for keeping your everyday pieces to hand, and they make great gifts too. These all provide storage while keeping the goods on display.

If you want to go for the minimalist look then there are lots of discrete jewellery storage boxes on the market with dedicated spaces for rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles and brooches. These keep everything neat and tidy, avoid tangled chains, and keep your dressing area free from any clutter.

All our jewellery comes in a storage box which will fit neatly and conveniently into a drawer, or you can take the pieces out and use your preferred method of jewellery storage. Whatever method you choose there's one very important thing to consider – making sure that necklace chains aren't going to get tangled up!