Pearl jewellery is traditional for weddings and it is also a stone often passed down the generations, so if you don't already have family pearls, or you want to add your own style into your wedding jewellery ensemble we have a variety of styles to suit any taste and budget.

Our Brides Bracelet is the cornerstone of any wedding ensemble. Delicate and pretty it has been designed to work with any style of dress, so you can be sure it will look the part on the day. Beautiful freshwater pearls are interspersed with silver detailed beads to create a balance that makes this piece so versatile. This is a lovely gift to give to a bride ahead of the day, so if you are looking for a bridal shower present or something to give an imminent in-law, this is the piece to get.

With the bracelet sorted there is still the matter of earrings and a necklace to contend with. It's nice for these to match each other as it helps tie the wedding outfit together, so we have chosen four collections which are ideal for the modern bride. First up is our Fantasy earrings and necklace featuring natural freshwater pearls set in sterling silver circles. This is a very modern style and one which suits a sleek gown and understated bouquet. The circular styling is very up to date but also very wearable, allowing you to wear your wedding day jewellery at any time for a reminder of the event and your love. Our Romance set is very similar but with an oval shape rather than circular mount and an oval pearl to match. These are both modern designs which can be worn at the office, for a meal out and special occasions, so the investment is worth it.

Pearl Wedding Collections

If you want something showier for your wedding the Pure collection is ideal. Oval freshwater pearls are combined with cubic zirconia to create stunning drop earrings and a matching necklace. These pieces will set of your bridal hairdo to maximum effect, drawing the light to your face and bringing out the details in your gown. These pieces are more sparkly than the Fantasy or Romance collections, so while they are wearable at other events they are more suited to romantic meals out than every day wear. These pieces are also a lovely thing to pass on to the next generation.

Lastly our Tassel pearl pieces, new to Amore Argento, are something a little different to the norm. Round pearls are set on a cubic zirconia studded circular mount from which delicate sterling silver chains drop, finished with more cubic zirconia ensuring the dazzle continues at every part of these earrings and necklace. The Tassel pieces have a modern, edgy look perfect for young brides who want to reference tradition in their wedding choices, but do it with a twist. 

Whether you're getting married this summer, or at a later date, it's never too early to start planning your bridal accessories to make sure you have the look you want on your big day. If none of these pieces quite matches your style, please take a look at the rest of our range – we have more traditional looking pieces as well as the modern classics we are known for.