Tickled pink – it's what we say when we're really happy about something. The phrase originated in the 1920s when it was coined to describe your face turning pink from laughter while being tickled - what a lovely association! We can't tickle ourselves physically because the brain knows the sensation is coming therefore we don't react, but we can tickle ourselves pink with the beautiful blush tones in this selection of Amore Argento jewellery.

We have to start with our Rhapsody in Pink collection. This four-piece set is perfect for pink lovers and worn as a set it makes a real impact – no-one will be left guessing your favourite colour with this ensemble on. Four types of gemstone are combined in this collection and they've been chosen for their tone, clarity, and the way they complement each other. Amethyst underpins the others providing a purple base from which the rubellite, rhodalite garnet and pink tourmaline sing. This would be a great set to build up with each piece given as a gift, or if you want to treat yourself why not pick your favourite and start there? The earrings are truly stunning, with a curvy shape which really flatters the shape of your neck. When worn with the bangle or ring, which both have a straighter profile, the pieces complement each other for an inspired look.

Another beautiful blushing set is the Pink Lily collection. This is a three-piece set with earrings, ring and necklace all made from rose gold plated silver. A hammered effect on the petals really sets off the shapes inspired by nature, and a cluster of little cubic zirconia creates the centre, which sends the light twinkling all over the petals for maximum effect. This is a delicate set which is great for young adults, nature lovers and free spirits and which looks incredible worn all together.

If that collection tickled your fancy you'll also love these Gwyneth earrings with rhodalite garnet in the centre. Again, they are inspired by nature and the cabouchon cut stone in the centre draws the eye in. Bright sterling silver petals twist delicately as if a gentle breeze has drifted past the flower. Fans of blue will love the iolite version of these earrings, and there is a matching necklace and ring to complete the set if you so choose.

Pink Rhodalite Garnet Earrings

Lovers of rose gold will adore these Pink Flame earrings, which dangle from the lobe and move as you do. These are ideal for pairing with nude and blush toned outfits, and with tonal dressing and the return of beige as the fashion trends to be seen in this year you would do well to snap them up while they're on sale. 

Pink sapphires are among the rarest of gemstones as they are normally blue in colour. Oriental and Asian cultures see pink sapphires as a symbol of everlasting love, special love which needs to be celebrated. That makes our Everlasting Pink Sapphire ring the perfect gift for the love of your life. Four pink sapphires interspersed with three cubic zirconia are channel set in a sterling silver ring for a modern piece which is elegant, beautiful and understated all at the same time. 

Pink is thought of as a feminine colour and while some people find it hard to wear we'd say to those people, "give pink a chance". It is a flattering colour for every age and skin tone, it's bright and pretty, and it works for most occasions whether it's the main colour of your outfit or as an accent to another colour, that's what makes it such a great colour for jewellery as it will work with so many looks you won't want to take it off.