The phrase "shrinking violet" is believed to have been coined in the UK and the first recorded usage of the saying was in 1820, in an article by poet Leigh Hunt, titled "Ronald of the Perfect Hand" 

"There was buttercup, struggling from a white to a dirty yellow; and a faint-coloured
poppy; and here and there by thorny underwood a shrinking violet."

The phrase had made its way to the USA by 1825, and since then it has been a commonplace phrase to describe someone who is quite timid – violets are small, delicate spring flowers which grow quite close to the ground, and prefer some cover. They are short lived and unobtrusive, the perfect metaphor for someone who is a bit shy or quiet. 

Our amethyst jewellery has something for everyone, whether you're a shrinking violet or not, but here we've chosen our boldest purple tinged jewellery for those who certainly aren't shy or retiring. First up is our Bubblelicious collection, a matching earring and necklace set. The earrings are available in two sizes, 1cm diameter or the smaller 6.5mm circle design studs. The necklace and earrings feature circular cubic zirconia and amethysts set in a circular frame like bubbles inside bubbles. This is a bold design, with a modern edge that makes this set perfect for the courageous modern woman.

This Lavender collection is bold and striking; with emerald cut amethyst stealing the show all on its own. The Emerald cut stones are chunky and the facets create geometric patterns throughout the stone, so they're ideal for people who like to get caught up in the little details. This is a fresh look, with 10 x 12mm stones on the ring and necklace and smaller stones on the earrings. The cut style really brings this set up to date for an edgy, modern look. Cubic zirconia accents on the mounts of the ring and necklace add a little bit or sparkle, but it's the large main stones that will catch the eye, even across a crowded room. As a set this is an attention grabbing look, but these pieces can be paired with casual outfits, office wear and even workout gear for a little dash of glamour every day.

Lavender Amethyst Necklace

With a name like Vivacious Violet our next pairing is definitely not for the shrinking type! The necklace has a large cushion cut amethyst, and the multi-faceted cut style really brings out the bold tones of the stone, refracting the light inside and making it shine, adding the glam factor. The earrings have the same cut style stone, just a little smaller (8mm) and this pair looks amazing together. This is a great set to give as a gift to someone with a bold, outgoing personality. They will love the attention they get when they wear this set, alternatively why not treat yourself? 

For those who like the sparkle of white stones and a splash of colour in one piece the Spiralite collection is the one to go for. Pear drop shaped amethysts are complemented by cubic zirconia studded mounts which spiral and twist around the stones, really setting off the colours of the amethyst which are brought out by this style of cutting. The stones in the necklace and ring are 10 x 15mm, which is a good chunky size for grabbing attention and adding dramatic flair to an outfit. No-one can overlook these pieces, as the large amethyst is enough of a showstopper on its own – add the cubic zirconia accents and they ooze Hollywood glamour

Finally, our Viola collection (available with amethyst or topaz) is a simple, bold design featuring round stones, in an elegantly simple mount which flatters anyone who wears it. This is a striking collection which is versatile enough to wear every day, and anywhere you like. It's not quite as dramatic as some of our other pieces mentioned here, but it's still a bold look that bridges the gap between dramatic and professional, making it ideal for the workplace where you want to look good without drawing too much attention.