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Wendy 31 Jul 0 15
Our Sweet Violet necklace and earring set makes a lovely gift.  The delicate purple tones of amethyst look great on most people, so in terms of colour you can be confident that they'll suit your giftee.  Amethyst is one of the few gemstones associated with nearly all the positive attributes linked to other stones, so if your giftee is into crystals..
Wendy 29 Jul 0 11
Welcome back to our series on incorporating jewellery into every wedding anniversary.  For the list of materials check out part 1 and for up to the 13th year check out parts 1 & 2. We now move forward, starting with the 14th year of wedded bliss …  On your fourteenth wedding anniversary it's customary to give gifts of ivory.  This is a tightly cont..
Wendy 27 Jul 0 27
The whole world is trying to figure out what life will look like in the future and how we manage the situation in the coming months, and even years.  While we may be past the first battle there is still a way to go, and this can feel a little hopeless at times – we all want to move on and progress with life with a renewed energy and vitality.  In a..
Wendy 23 Jul 0 35
 Welcome back to our series on incorporating jewellery into every wedding anniversary.  In part 1, we covered the first 5 anniversaries (as well as a list of the materials for each anniversary). So let’s continue … After six happy years of marriage it's traditional to exchange gifts of iron, a metal that doesn't lend itself to beautiful jewellery. ..
Wendy 17 Jul 0 66
 A wedding anniversary is a time for celebration and gift giving, especially between partners to symbolise their love for one another.  Each year of marriage has an associated material, getting stronger and more durable as time goes on in exactly the same way a marriage does.  The traditional materials for each anniversary are: 1 year – paper2 year..
Wendy 15 Jul 0 67
This summer may see a partial relaxation of the lock-down rules we have all been living under for months, and when you are able to get together with your family and friends who you haven't seen for a long time it's certainly a time to celebrate.  There may be belated birthday celebrations to catch up on, new arrivals into the family to coo over and..
Wendy 13 Jul 0 65
Killing Eve may be over for another season, but the fans can still have fun with the aesthetic of the show by dressing in homage to our favourite characters.  Everyone loves Villanelle, she's charismatic, edgy and always surprising, so it's no wonder her quirky character is a firm fan favourite.  We'd all love to have her budget and flair for fashi..
Wendy 07 Jul 0 61
The new Seductive design from Amore Argento draws on the symbolism of the circle, often used to represent eternity and the circle of life.  It's the same reason we exchange rings when getting married, as the circular shape represents the eternity of the commitment we are making.  The custom started with the ancient Egyptians, who would weave papyru..
Wendy 01 Jul 0 73
As one of the two main leads in Killing Eve, Sandra Oh is a foil to Jodie Comer's Villanelle, a fashionable, no-nonsense assassin who plays with costumes and fashion to achieve fantastic disguises and memorable looks.  By contrast, Eve Polastri isn't bothered by how clothing looks, preferring function to form.  This is most notable in the first sea..
Wendy 26 Jun 0 98
We could all do with something to lift our spirits at the moment and we think jewellery is a lovely way to do this.  We can make ourselves feel better by dressing up a little and spread the joy to those we see with some sparkly, colourful jewellery that will bring some light in difficult times. Our Razzamatazz bracelet is a lovely way to lift your ..
Wendy 24 Jun 0 72
Carolyn Martens is one of the female leads in Killing Eve.  An MI6 boss heavily involved in Cold War relations and with many Russian friends she is a force to be reckoned with.  Her steely determination and the way she commands respect are traits which we all admire, and Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn to perfection, never giving much away but always stea..
Wendy 22 Jun 0 135
We know our customers love our style, it's why we see so many repeat customers coming back to build up the complete set of our popular designs.  Having a four-piece set of any jewellery makes it that much more wearable, because you can pick and choose which pieces to wear together and mix it up every time.  If you're attending a posh do then wearin..
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