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Wendy 26 Nov 0 7
Welcome back to our pick of Amore Argento jewellery featuring circles within circles and spirals.  This edit was inspired by the well-known song “Windmills of my Mind”.  Part one focused on true circles, while in part two we look at other complementary shapes. If you like the oval or teardrop shape (it can be very flattering and elongates your neck..
Wendy 24 Nov 0 16
The vivacious green of peridot has seen it relegated to a supporting role with other stones, used to enhance and complement the tones of the other stones.  It experienced a period of popularity in the 1930s, when the brilliant colour was de rigueur for art deco jewellery and clothing. It also featured prominently in Suffragette jewellery along with..
Wendy 19 Nov 0 25
Welcome to the 2nd and final part of our start sign jewellery article.  We are now aware that each star sign has a gemstone associated with it in the same way that each month has a birthstone, and we now review the remaining, outstanding six star signs. For those born under the star sign of Leo, they are renowned for being confident, natural leader..
Wendy 17 Nov 0 81
The well-known song Windmills of my Mind, written for the 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair and covered by Dusty Springfield and Sting, evokes the spirit of familiarity and excitement with the lyrics “like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind”.  This inspired us to pick out the pieces in our collection which feature a circle in a..
Wendy 12 Nov 0 40
It's no secret that we love jewellery, and although our designs are modern classics, designed to be worn year on year without ever going out of style, we also love to keep our fingers on the fashion pulse; there's a time for classic style, and a time for trends.  The fashion world, as well as the jewellery world, has had to adapt to the challenges ..
Wendy 05 Nov 0 36
 When we look back through history at the making and wearing of jewellery we see that early jewellery had a lot of spiritual significance, especially jewellery worn by kings, queens and other rulers.  Jewellery was used to denote status and to appease the Gods.  Certain stones we associated to specific gods or with desirable traits such as good luc..
Wendy 03 Nov 0 64
If you want to shine like the star that you are this festive season, we have the perfect jewellery to bring out your best qualities and make sure you stand out at every function you attend.  The Catch A Star set is perfect for evening functions and office parties, and because it's a classic design it works from daytime to evening.  This three piece..
Wendy 29 Oct 0 143
As we head into the colder months the long sleeves, layers and outerwear will be making an appearance and we'll have to start getting used to dressing for the cold.  We've had some great sunny weather this year which has been fantastic for showing off all our jewellery and our summer wardrobe, and now we'll be able to break out our favourite jumper..
Wendy 09 Oct 0 73
When we think of autumn our minds immediately turn to the russet hues of the changing leaves, the warm tones of an open fire and cosy nights in.  We don't often associate cool colours like greens and blues with the autumn – they're more of a spring and summer colour, but can we wear these colours effectively all year round? With the right styling y..
Wendy 05 Oct 0 70
We're only just out of summer, one of the hottest and longest we've ever had, and Christmas couldn't be further from people's minds.  That's why now is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping started.  Due to in-store restrictions and the possibility of local lockdowns, the internet is going to be the way forward for Christmas shopping this..
Wendy 01 Oct 0 119
This time last year no-one would have believed you if you'd said that face masks would be the hottest fashion accessory of the year.  Of course, there is a very good reason for people to be wearing them, but this hasn't stopped certain face mask designs being highly sought after, especially those worn by celebrities, and they have become not only a..
Wendy 28 Sep 0 23
It's never too soon to get into the top jewellery trends for autumn and winter 2020, and while we might all be wishing this year would end, we can still enjoy the few months we have left in whatever way we can.  We think that jewellery can make a huge difference to your mood and your positivity – putting on a piece of jewellery you love and which l..
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