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Wendy 25 Feb 0 106
Often reserved for royalty and the ultra-rich, there are some huge jewels out there which we can only dream of wearing, let alone owning.  Some of these huge stones aren't wearable for an everyday look, (even if you're royalty), so they are reserved for special occasions and events where they can be properly showcased.  We can take inspiration from..
Wendy 23 Feb 0 54
Sometimes we want to wear plainer jewellery – if we're wearing a busy print, or a statement piece of clothing then our jewellery might need to be toned down so it doesn't distract from the most important feature of your outfit.  Sterling silver jewellery without coloured gemstones is perfect for achieving this, and because we pride ourselves on our..
Wendy 18 Feb 0 37
Getting through 2020 was tough for all of us, and the extra restrictions over the festive period and into the start of this year have compounded the problem.  When we add the Brexit based upheaval into the equation, it's quite clear that we have endured some significantly hard times; we deserve something to cheer ourselves up and reward our resilie..
Wendy 16 Feb 0 162
For many mums the last 12 months have been a real slog.  Combining working from home with home schooling and childcare on top of the usual “Mum” jobs means they’ve been stretched further than ever before, so this year, whether you're looking for something to get your mum, or you're a mum looking for hints to leave for your children, our jewellery i..
Wendy 11 Feb 0 112
Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and as Valentine's Day falls in that month amethyst is the perfect stone for a romantic, sensual look, as well as being a great gift for a special someone on Valentine's Day.  Our Sweet on Me earrings and necklace, with their heart shaped amethyst, are ideal Valentine's and birthday gifts if your beloved was..
Wendy 09 Feb 0 41
Welcome back to our look at the best jewellery gifts for Valentine's Day.  We've looked at our love and romance themed pieces but if your partner isn't the sentimental type they may appreciate something that's no so overtly romantic.  Getting your loved one a gift with their birthstone in is a great way to give a sentimental gift where the meaning ..
Wendy 04 Feb 0 243
This Valentine's Day we might not be able to take a date out to a restaurant and some couples, separated by distance or Covid regulations will have to explore a socially distanced or virtual Valentine's Day.  While that's not the most romantic of propositions we can still celebrate the love we have for our partners in other ways, and giving jewelle..
Wendy 02 Feb 0 101
Each year Pantone decides on the colour that will best represent the year, and in 2021 they have departed from the usual format and have chosen two colours to be the colours of the year.  The colours they have chosen are a grey (Ultimate Gray) and a bright yellow (Illuminating), and it's the juxtaposition of these colours that makes them the joint ..
Wendy 28 Jan 0 205
Garnet is the birthstone for January, and as one of the richest coloured stones it's great for a bold, passionate look.  The colour red is associated with love, passion and power so it's the ideal colour to opt for when you want to make a statement.  We have garnet jewellery in a range of styles, starting with our most minimal earrings, the Purity ..
Wendy 26 Jan 0 48
One of the more enigmatic members of the royal family, Princess Margaret is a fan favourite in The Crown, where her antics provide a foil for her sister's austerity.  Both the actresses who have portrayed Margaret (Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham-Carter) have done a fantastic job at bringing the so-called “rebel royal” to life.  She certainly comes..
Wendy 21 Jan 0 187
Topaz is the birthstone of December, and it's one of the most vivid icy blue gemstones there are.  Topaz is often yellow or grey in its natural state, but heat treatment brings out that piercing blue which we all know and love.  Blue is a calming colour, invoking tranquillity and peace for a dream-like aesthetic.  Blue can also be bold, but here we..
Wendy 19 Jan 0 80
This year we are all united in hoping for a better future, and it's important that we hold onto this hope because it will help us make it through the rest of the restrictions and the changes to our lives that are still on their way.  There are many crystals and gems that represent hope and embody the wearer with hope and the ability to sustain it, ..
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