Gemstones for Luck – Make Every Day a Lucky One

Even the least superstitious among us will avoid walking under a ladder, or will have some kind of lucky charm or ritual they carry out before certain tasks – many professional athletes have a routine and/or a lucky item which they must perform or use before an event, and the rest of us likely have a lucky mascot, or even lucky socks which we associate with good fortune and achievement. There are naturally several gemstones which are traditionally thought to bring good luck in a variety of areas, and with our gorgeous jewellery featuring some of these stones why not get lucky wearing one of our pieces?

Citrine is one of the most widely recognised lucky stones. It is said to attract money and wealth and to bring prosperity to those who wear it. Peridot is also associated with wealth and luck in financial matters, so if you want to up your chances of winning the lottery make sure you're wearing one or both of these stones when you buy the ticket and when the draw happens. Our Tutti Frutti collection combines citrine, peridot and amethyst, which is also thought to be lucky in some cultures. Topaz is the last of the four stones in this set, which is also thought to attract good fortune. With all four of the stones associated with luck and abundance this is a very powerful combination and as it's so wearable it will go with many different outfits; it's easy to be wearing at least one of the pieces when you buy a lottery ticket. The Kaleidoscope collection combines citrine, peridot and topaz for another powerful set which could attract money into your life.

Tutti Frutti Silver Ring

The Clementine set is sure to attract wealth and riches, as it has a very opulent look. A large citrine is surrounded by cubic zirconia set in a silver band and the gold plating on the opposite side of the mount really sets off the colour of the stone. This looks expensive and as the old saying goes, money attracts money, so when you wear this set you're sure to attract wealth and generosity.

Peridot is said to bring luck and profit in business transactions, so whether you're buying a new set of saucepans or a house, wearing peridot during negotiations can help you get the better end of the deal. The Purity peridot necklace is perfect for this, as it's understated and won't divert too much attention from the negotiations at hand. If you dabble in the stock market, or like a flutter on the horses', then peridot could help you out with the winnings. The Duo Vert collection is also a sleek and modern set which would look great in an office environment and could help seal the deal with a new client or a new proposal.

For luck in the job market garnet is the stone to choose. Garnet is thought to bring good fortune for interviews and promotions. If you're looking to take on a new client then wearing a combination of peridot and garnet could make all the difference, not least because it will showcase your fantastic taste in jewellery. The Spicy Red earrings and necklace are a lovely set to wear for a meeting, they show that you're serious in business, successful and have modern ambitions. Then there is the Comet set, featuring teardrop shaped garnets in a cubic zirconia encrusted mount, which would be ideal for an interview to bring good luck – they are slightly more understated than the bold Spicy Red set, so for the right balance of power in an interview these are the perfect accessory.

Whether you need fortune's favour for an interview, a meeting, a lottery win or financial success in general we've got a range of jewellery with the right gemstones for attracting abundance and prosperity in any field.

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