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Wendy 22 Jul 0 88
We have been looking at the jewellery habits of First Ladies and other women in positions of political power, and this time we turn our attention to Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush.  She spent two terms, which is 8 years, as First Lady and while she could have used this time to acquire and show off a huge jewellery collection she kept it classy,..
Wendy 15 Jul 0 78
We've been looking at the jewellery styles of some of the most powerful women in the world, many of them First Ladies of the United States.  The current First Lady, Jill Biden, favours soft tailoring and pastel colours, although she has been seen wearing vibrant reds and greens as well as black when the occasion commands.  She is often pictured wea..
Wendy 13 Jul 0 179
If you've been home schooling during the pandemic the chances are that you'll be searching around for things to keep the kids entertained over weekends and the long summer holidays, having used all your go-to activities and new ideas over the past twelve months.  The good news is that kids are generally quite easily entertained, and if they really ..
Wendy 01 Jul 0 108
 If you've grown your hair out during lockdown you might be itching to get it chopped short as soon as you can, but you might also be loving having that extra length to play with – there's so much you can do with long hair that it opens up a whole new world of styles to try.  Even if you have always had long hair there are still new things to try o..
Wendy 29 Jun 0 26
The position of First Lady is a uniquely American idea, but the wives of politicians are now just as much in the spotlight as their partners are and Carrie Symonds is no different.  As a seasoned PR professional she knows just how important image is, and she definitely makes an effort to appear polished and approachable when she is seen in public. ..
Wendy 24 Jun 0 197
If you're getting married this year it's likely that you have had to postpone your nuptials from 2020, or perhaps you were lucky with the timing and were planning to marry in 2021.  Whether it's a long-deferred ceremony or your intended date, a lot goes into planning a wedding and making sure that everything runs smoothly on the big day.  A wedding..
Wendy 22 Jun 0 75
 There's a Bake Off shaped hole in our lives at the moment while we wait for the next series to start filming, but one thing is for sure, Mary Berry is a timeless style icon.  She may not be presenting it any more but we still really admire her style, and how she manages not to age at all!  We don't know her secret to eternal youth, but we can emul..
Wendy 15 Jun 0 143
We can't wait for the return of the Great British Bake Off, and the partnership between Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood is just as fear-inducing and laugh-inducing as the working partnership with Mary Berry.  Prue is a big fan of the statement necklace, and in 2019 she even collaborated with jewellery brand Lola Rose to create a selection of jeweller..
Wendy 08 Jun 0 161
Welcome to part 2 of our post exam celebration jewellery, where we continue to highlight jewellery gifts that are ideal to mark the occasion. We start with our Luna Collection necklace is a lovely piece that works in any environment.  A little sparkle helps draw attention to it, but the elegant intertwined loops of sterling silver and cubic zirconi..
Wendy 27 May 0 234
We have more excellent ideas and advice for packing jewellery for your holiday.  A very simple way to make this process easier is to edit what you're going to take.  As you start to pack your jewellery you may start to wonder whether it's worth taking these steps to protect your jewellery if it is taking ages.  That's a clear sign that you are taki..
Wendy 20 May 0 229
If you're able to jet off on holiday this year then you'll be really looking forward to getting a change of pace and scenery.  We've had a difficult year and for many of us 2020 was not a year to go on holiday without facing a lot of restrictions and the possibility of a last minute cancellation.  In 2021, things may be easier and we can enjoy a pr..
Wendy 29 Apr 0 400
We're looking at the humble circle, a shape which has held great significance throughout human history.  Circles are seen in the planets, the sun, in nature and in religion and philosophy to represent unity, the life cycle and eternity.  With such a rich symbolism and sympathetic curves it's no wonder that we love using circles in our jewellery. Ou..
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