Larimar – The Jewel of the Dominican Republic

Larimar is a gemstone that not everyone has heard of. It is a variety of pectolite and only found in the Dominican Republic, where it was discovered in 1916, and named in 1974. As a relatively new and unheard of stone the associations with it are still developing, but it is connected with the ocean thanks to the blue colour, which can range from a pure blue to a turquoise, almost aqua green. It is also said to be good for calming and communication and is often used as a worry stone as it can be polished to a high shine. It is also sometimes called the Atlantis stone or Stefilia's stone and is associated with water, which is linked to emotional stability. Larimar is often recommended by crystologists to calm anxiety and unease due to emotional issues, and the tones are very similar to the calming shades of blue used in spas and relaxation rooms.

The richer, deep blue tones like the ones we use in our larimar jewellery are the most valuable and precious, while the greener end of the spectrum is less precious. Larimar fades with exposure to light and heat, so we recommend keeping our larimar jewellery in a cool dark place and ensuring it isn't worn regularly in direct sunlight.

We have three delightful pieces featuring larimar and will be adding more in the future, as the popularity of larimar continues to rise. First, our aptly named Caribbean Delight earrings let the beauty of the larimar shine through, as it is simply set in a sterling silver mount. The natural variations and patterns in the stone means no two pieces will be the same, so you're sure to have a unique item with larimar jewellery. Larimar is also associated with dolphins, so this is the ideal gift for a marine life enthusiast, or for someone who could use a little serenity in their life.

Blue Ice Larimar Necklace

The formation of larimar means there are often paler streaks of blue running through it and we think this perfectly represents the azure waters of the Caribbean, with sunlight dappled on the rippling surface of a calm blue lagoon. Conjuring up that mental image instantly relaxes you, so it's no wonder that larimar is used for calmness and tranquillity. Our Blue Ice necklace beautifully showcases this stone to its full potential, with a silver mount that reflects the idea of flowing water in the sinuous curves and shape of the mount.

Lastly our Shining Star necklace uses arcs of silver to frame the larimar and let it really stand out. Ideal for a special event this necklace would flatter a natural tan, or stand out against a dress with muted colours. As larimar is sensitive to light we recommend keeping these pieces for special occasions or indoor events rather than wearing them every day, simply because the vibrant blue tones are too pretty to spoil and will bring delight to the eyes of anyone who sees your jewellery in all its glory.

We're always on the lookout for new gems and precious stones and will bring you more amazing jewellery all the time. Stay tuned for fresh new pieces from Amore Argento.

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