Radiant Ruby – The July Birthstone

Anyone born in July is a lucky person indeed, as their birthstone is ruby, one of the most precious and desirable stones in the world. Rubies are a variety of corundum, a clear mineral coloured by the presence of trace elements of metal in the crystal, and it is chromium which gives rubies their distinctive deep pink to red colour. Pink sapphires, also a variety of corundum, can be confused with rubies and the criteria for each have not been agreed upon internationally, so the International Colored Gemstone Association has adopted a broader set of criteria, which includes some shades of pink stone in the ruby category.

We love rubies for their range of shade and colour and their sheer beauty. They have long been associated with passion and strength and have been admired as parts of religious artefacts for centuries. We have a range of ruby jewellery ideal for a July birthday gift or for a wedding anniversary – rubies are the traditional stone for 15, 40 and 80 years of marriage.

Our Vivo birthstone range includes a ruby necklace and earrings featuring a multifaceted cut ruby in a modern sterling silver mount. These are among the more affordable ruby pieces we have – due to the high price these precious stones command ruby jewellery is often more pricy than the same design with alternative stones. Also in the lower price end is the Classico collection, which features single rubies set in a cluster style mount surrounded by glittering cubic zirconia which helps set off the deep red tones of the rubies. The Classico ring even has more cubic zirconias down the shoulders of the ring which makes for an even more indulgent look. Thanks to the traditional styling of the Classico collection this set looks much more expensive than it is, so if you want to go all out for a timeless glamour look with jewellery that looks like it has been passed down the generations then this is your best bet.

Our Everlasting ruby ring is also at the lower price end but looks much more expensive, thanks to the elegant channel setting and the interspersed cubic zirconia. Even the most ardent jewellery fans would be convinced that it is a diamond and ruby ring worth thousands, so you can really make an impact with this ring. It would be an ideal promise ring and a lovely birthday gift for the love of your life. If you already own, or have gifted this ring then the Claret bangle would be an ideal accompaniment to it.

The Claret bangle is at the pricier end of the ruby spectrum, but the channel set rubies interspersed with cubic zirconia really flatter the wearer, especially when paired with the Everlasting ring. This is a bangle you will want to leave to your descendants once you've had your fun with it, and you will have fun with this dangling from your wrist. It's a gorgeous piece which is ideal for special occasions and formal events, but worn with a crisp white shirt and jeans it will inject a shot of class and effortless glamour to your look which will leave people wondering which branch of the Royal Family you belong to!

Finally, if you enjoy splashing out and you want something really decadent look at our Ice Red bracelet. Claw-set rubies and cubic zirconia encircle your wrist in this delicate tennis bracelet which we would recommend wearing somewhere less physically strenuous than the tennis court - it would pair beautifully with a glass of something cold and bubbly on a sunny terrace, for example.

We have modern and traditional designs in our ruby range, so whatever the age there is a perfect July birthstone gift waiting for you on our site.

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