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Wendy 29 Apr 0 145
We're looking at the humble circle, a shape which has held great significance throughout human history.  Circles are seen in the planets, the sun, in nature and in religion and philosophy to represent unity, the life cycle and eternity.  With such a rich symbolism and sympathetic curves it's no wonder that we love using circles in our jewellery. Ou..
Wendy 27 Apr 0 116
Circles are one of the most popular geometric shapes used in design, and their symbolism goes back millennia.  In many ancient religions the circle was used to represent a higher power, the heavens (especially in Chinese philosophy) and the lifecycle; these are associations which persist to the present day.  In Buddhist philosophy the circle repres..
Wendy 22 Apr 0 123
You're familiar with the old saying “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”; we've embodied femininity in our Venus bracelet, which we named after the Ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty.  This gorgeous piece of arm candy is made from sterling silver and uses cubic zirconia to give the sparkle of diamonds without the price tag.   Four pear-s..
Wendy 20 Apr 0 124
Welcome back to our pick of the best jewellery to wear as we ease our way out of lockdown.  In June we can expect that life will be recognisable as fairly normal.  By this time it is expected that most adults in the UK will have had their first vaccination and the restrictions on social mixing can be largely lifted.  We may not see quite the packed..
Wendy 15 Apr 0 183
Finally, after a long, arduous 12 months, we are looking at the bright light at the end of the tunnel.  We must still be cautious, but we think the easing of lockdown and the return to a more normal life is something to be celebrated.  It's a kind of rebirth for everyone, so what better way to mark the milestones out of lockdown than with some birt..
Wendy 13 Apr 0 87
One of the highlights of early 2021 lockdown TV was Russell T Davies' It's A Sin, telling the story of a group of young friends navigating life and love in the London gay scene in the 80s and early 90s.  The 5-part series captivated viewers, some of whom remembered the AIDS crisis in those decades.  Younger viewers were given a thorough education i..
Wendy 08 Apr 0 124
Princess Anne, with her Olympic achievements and decision not to bestow official titles on her children, is often seen as the most down-to-earth member of the royal family and this is certainly the impression one gets from watching The Crown.  Her no-nonsense approach may be the defining character trait that we associate with her, but that doesn't ..
Wendy 06 Apr 0 117
Buying, caring for and wearing jewellery sounds easy enough, but there are some things buyers need to be aware of when making a purchase, as well as some aftercare tips and techniques that can prolong the life of your jewellery.  It can be hard to know what to do, especially if you are just starting to graduate from high-street fashion jewellery to..
Wendy 01 Apr 0 132
Welcome back to our guide to styling your jewellery.  With so few social events happening last year we're a bit rusty when it comes to getting dressed up, so we can all benefit from a new tips and ideas to get us back in love with our finery again. If the idea of putting on a posh frock fills you with dread after months of existing in leggings and ..
Wendy 25 Mar 0 192
Peridot is the birthstone for August, and at that time of year the plants and trees are in full bloom, reflecting the vivid green colour of peridot.  It's a very fresh colour, which uplifts the soul and makes you think about regeneration and rebirth; all things we could really do with at the moment.  If you want to add a little freshness and a sens..
Wendy 23 Mar 0 235
Welcome back to our look at the best gemstones for post-lockdown life.  We're looking at stones which are associated with healing, protection and vitality.  Rubies are associated with a strong life force and courage, so if we're nervous about resuming life as it used to be, a piece of ruby jewellery can give you the edge you need to feel confident...
Wendy 18 Mar 0 188
Gemstones have always been symbolic, with different civilisations assigning different meanings to each one; although there is often a lot of similarity between the associations held by one society and another.  Gems were often used as status symbols as they were rare, especially back in the times before international travel was easy. They were also..
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