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Wendy 25 Sep 0 3
Opal is a mineraloid – this is what gives it that shimmer and changing colours.  Precious opal was incredibly rare until it was discovered in Australia in the 19th century.  Until then it was only known to be found in Slovakia and it has since been found in Ethiopia, Mexico and North America, making it more affordable. The name is thought to come f..
Wendy 17 Sep 0 11
The phrase “sealed with a (loving) kiss”, abbreviated to SWAK or SWALK was commonly used by servicemen and their sweethearts in the two world wars on their letters to each other.  The acronym was written across the envelope seal, and women would often leave a lipstick kiss mark in the same place.  It was used as a way to show your affection for som..
Wendy 11 Sep 0 47
We may be past the strictest parts of a national lockdown, but the dating world has changed a lot over the last few months, with more and more people eschewing the idea of playing the field and instead getting to know people better via video link or socially distanced walks in the park.  These changes look set to stay as people uncover the value in..
Wendy 09 Sep 0 61
Welcome back to our spotlight on different ways to wear jewellery.  We have looked at different ways you can wear a wedding/engagement ring when it's not feasible to wear it on your hands for various reasons, and now we turn our attention to other types of jewellery and how they can be worn in creative and unusual ways. If you have been gifted a br..
Wendy 03 Sep 0 89
Rainbows are everywhere at the moment, and not just in the sky.  Adopted as a symbol of hope and of support for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, they have been proudly displayed in windows and hung on buildings all across the country.  It's no surprise then, to find that the jewellery and fashion set have latched onto this trend and made it..
Wendy 01 Sep 0 66
There are a number of reasons why someone might want to wear a piece of jewellery in a non-conventional way, and one of the very common ones is wearing your wedding/engagement ring somewhere other than your hand.  The traditional place to wear your wedding/engagement ring is the fourth finger of the left hand (although in some countries it is worn ..
Wendy 28 Aug 0 89
Welcome back to our series on accessorising for different outfits and events.  This time we'll be looking at getting dressed up to go out and while that might not be a possibility for us at this time we're certainly looking forward to being able to have a big night out, perhaps take in a show and have a meal or a few drinks afterwards. In days gone..
Wendy 24 Aug 0 195
Most of us might not be wearing evening gowns and getting our hair professionally done for swanky soirees or weddings all that frequently, so when we do have the opportunity, we want to make the most of it.  This is your chance to wear a full ensemble in a setting where it will be expected that you are dripping with jewels, so go all out and wear s..
Wendy 20 Aug 0 89
Each year Pantone releases a colour that is meant to embody the spirit of the year.  The colour for 2020 is Classic Blue (19-4052), which is a great match for iolite, lapis lazuli and sapphire.  The richness of these colours makes them great for statement jewellery and perfect for wearing in the summer when the deep blue evokes the ocean and the sk..
Wendy 14 Aug 0 101
You only get one first impression because that’s what it is … a person’s first impression.  When going on a first date how we look forms an important part of that first impression.  Of course, looks aren't everything and personality is definitely a higher priority in the long run, but it's how we present ourselves that cements that first impression..
Wendy 12 Aug 0 124
The most obvious candidate for significant jewellery in literature is the ring from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series.  A ring with magical powers and the ability to control the wearers of related rings; this is a very powerful piece of jewellery.  It's a dangerous piece of jewellery to own, unlike our jewellery which we can assure you ca..
Wendy 10 Aug 0 89
Pearls are a long-time staple of every jewellery collection.  They do fluctuate in and out of favour to some extent, but they're a classic which will always have a place.  If you're concerned that pearls might look too fussy, or age you, we urge you to think again.  Worn with a modern flair, pearls can be absolutely stunning on everyone. Pearl earr..
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