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Wendy 21 Feb 0 4
The wedding industry is big business, with brides keen to do something different and unforgettable for their big day, whether that's the theme, venue, dress style or a choreographed first dance routine that goes viral.  The days of a cookie-cutter wedding, with strict traditions about the dress, order or service and reception are gone and people ar..
Wendy 19 Feb 0 13
The tradition of giving something up for Lent comes from the idea that after Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day, if you prefer!) people would fast for the remainder of the period until Easter, the festival of rebirth which also celebrates the arrival of spring and the growing season.  This was to pay homage to Jesus' journey into the desert which laste..
Wendy 11 Feb 0 12
The traditional Valentine's Day gifts are flowers, chocolates and heart shaped jewellery and while there are plenty of people who love sticking with tradition, and for whom it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without these gifts, there are also people who prefer something a little extraordinary or quirky. Giving a ring on Valentine's Day is a classic ge..
Wendy 03 Feb 0 20
The traditional shape associated with Valentine's Day is the heart, and you see it everywhere from heart shaped cards to boxes of chocolates - even steaks cut into the shape to appeal to lovers up and down the country.  It's also a lovely shape to look for in jewellery to give on the day which can then be worn all year round as a reminder of the lo..
Wendy 27 Jan 0 47
We've looked at earrings and necklaces for everyday wear as well as formal and special occasions, and now we turn our attention to rings and bangles for day-to-day wear and those times when you want something glamorous and eye catching. A simple ring is a lovely way of adding sparkle to an otherwise ordinary outfit and because you will see it all t..
Wendy 23 Jan 0 51
Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and if you haven't got anything sorted yet then fear not, we have loads of last minute Valentine's gift ideas, and we can even ship next day before 1pm, using Royal Mail's Special Delivery Guaranteed service.  If you're near one of our high street stockists then you can even pop in on the day and pick out a specia..
Wendy 13 Jan 0 36
Jewellery as a gift of friendship has been given for centuries.  Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I, exchanged gifts of jewellery as an overt display of their support for one another; although it was also used as a political statement and a way for one to exert power over the other.  In the 1970s, woven friendship bracelets became a huge tre..
Wendy 07 Jan 0 26
Every jewellery collection, however large or small, is divided into at least two categories.  You have the pieces you wear on a normal day and then the pieces that you save for a special occasion, and there may be pieces which span both types, such as jewellery you wear for special meetings or job interviews that you wouldn't wear to the supermarke..
Wendy 01 Jan 0 44
Choosing jewellery that looks good on you is just like finding the right clothing – what looks great on one person can look bad on another and it comes down to skin tone.  If you look best in darker colours, like greens, blues and rich reds you probably have a cool skin tone, while if yellows, oranges and creams look stunning on you then you probab..
Wendy 03 Dec 0 87
Topaz is a hard, silicate based gemstone making it very durable for jewellery and other purposes.  Most naturally found topaz is yellow or brown in colour and it is often confused with citrine, which is a similar colour.  Blue and colourless topaz is quite rare but is found naturally in Africa and Texas – most blue topaz used in jewellery making ha..
Wendy 02 Dec 0 80
It's never too early to start planning a wedding, once the date and venue are sorted the organisational machine kicks into gear and the catering, drink, dress, shoes, flowers, seating plan all need to be sorted.  There's also the important question of jewellery, and this is one area where the old maxim “something old, something new, something borro..
Wendy 26 Nov 0 117
Our Love and Kisses collection encapsulates the essence of love in a range of gorgeous jewellery which makes the perfect gift of love for a special occasion, or just because.  We don't need an excuse to express our love to our partners; we can show our love at any time, so if you want to make your loved one's day there's few better ways to do it th..
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