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Wendy 15 Sep 0 150
As the wife of French Prime Minister Emanuel Macron, Brigitte is often in the public eye and every time she appears in the spotlight she looks flawless.  The effortless chic that French women seem to achieve with no effort is something that is admired around the world, so it's no surprise that whatever Brigitte wears is instantly desired by everyon..
Wendy 09 Sep 0 126
Welcome back to our selection of Amore Argento jewellery that invokes the spirit of Strictly Come Dancing and the glitter ball trophy.  Whether you're wearing it on a night out or donning it to get into the groove to watch your favourite couple, our glittering jewellery is the ideal homage to our favourite Saturday night show. In part one we looked..
Wendy 07 Sep 0 98
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is one of the most popular world leaders, both in her home country and across the world.  As a strong willed and responsible leader, she is a role model for women of all ages, and she has a reputation for giving back to the community and providing a platform for others through her own position. Jacinda is k..
Wendy 19 Aug 0 625
If we could pick one positive thing about the pandemic, it has to be the lockdown baby boom.  With everyone stuck at home with little to do for months on end, it's no surprise that we're seeing a lot of new-born babies and with that comes a lot of christenings and naming ceremonies.  While a christening at a church is a religious rite, most non-Chr..
Wendy 17 Aug 0 113
Welcome back to our pick of the best gemstones to wear for evening events, ones which look stunning in low light levels. If blue is your colour then both topaz and aquamarine are options for wearing in low light.  Both stones have excellent light reflecting and refracting properties, so for a more pastel, light tone opt for aquamarine, which will s..
Wendy 12 Aug 0 159
There's no doubt that Michelle Obama is one of the most charismatic First Ladies of recent years; her warm relationship with HRH Queen Elizabeth is testament to her charm and kind nature.  Her husband, Barack, was one of the most internationally popular Presidents we have known and the couple are held in high regard the world over. Michelle has imp..
Wendy 10 Aug 0 125
Each gemstone has its own unique properties.  Some look amazing in sunlight, while others can be damaged by it.  Other gemstones look best in the evening, when electric light and/or candles provide a different sort of illumination.  If you look carefully in a jeweller's window you may notice that different colours of gemstones have different types ..
Wendy 03 Aug 0 226
Some gemstones can be negatively affected by prolonged exposure to sunlight.  It's generally best to keep all stones out of bright, direct sunlight although there are some which look their best in daylight – just limit the amount that you wear them in very bright sun.  Aquamarine can lose its subtle blue tone in sunlight, while amethyst also fades ..
Wendy 29 Jul 0 237
As a former First Lady and a Presidential nominee herself, Hillary Clinton has had her fair share of time in the spotlight.  The exploits of her husband while he was in office caused quite a stir, but Hillary did not let that spoil her own political ambitions.  Her sense of style has not changed over the years, and she has kept a very similar hairs..
Wendy 27 Jul 0 230
Fashion is having an over-size moment; this trend has been on the rise for several seasons and this year it really explodes on the jewellery scene.  We saw last year, and into this year, that chunky chains were on trend but designers are taking it to the next level with link sizes that wouldn't be out of place in a hardware shop. Big earrings are a..
Wendy 22 Jul 0 202
We have been looking at the jewellery habits of First Ladies and other women in positions of political power, and this time we turn our attention to Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush.  She spent two terms, which is 8 years, as First Lady and while she could have used this time to acquire and show off a huge jewellery collection she kept it classy,..
Wendy 15 Jul 0 165
We've been looking at the jewellery styles of some of the most powerful women in the world, many of them First Ladies of the United States.  The current First Lady, Jill Biden, favours soft tailoring and pastel colours, although she has been seen wearing vibrant reds and greens as well as black when the occasion commands.  She is often pictured wea..
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